Hurls Night Out! Hotnuts Betchelorette

Always a Betchelorette, never a bridegroom. Your happiest dream is coming true: one night in a perpetual Betchelorette loop. Get your stretch limo marks ready and bring your best vom-it girls. It’s hurls night out!

Performances by
*** Donnarama
*** Nancy Bocock
*** Mary Messhausen
*** Peg Zilla
*** and Buzz Darling with her first show

Hotnuts Betchelorette
Saturday, March 29 – 10:30 pm
Door $8 before 11:30 – $10 after

The Garrison
1197 Dundas St W @ Ossignton

Hosted by Mary Messhausen
Djs produzentin and das hussy


We got some xxtra festive oufit ideas to party like the bridegroom is going to be left at the altar:

- Butchelorette
- Bride to Beetlejuice

- Lord of the ring bearers
- Common Outlaw
- Weeding Cake
- High Priest

- Chip & Dipendale #foodie
- Betchelorette Degree in Fun
- Mother of the shroom
- Four weddings and a furry hole
- Made of Horror

- Breast Man
- Gif registry
- Judas Priestess

- De-flower girls
- Justice of the piece of ass
- Vicar in a Muumuu