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Lady Jar Jar


It happened over night, maybe it was supernatural. Suddenly, I was in love with Jar Jar Binks, again. I even wanted to change my name to Lady Jar Jar on facebook, but the authorities wouldn’t let me.

It can’t be a coincidence that as my favourite ruler, Queen Amidala is from the same planet as Jar Jar. I want to visit Naboo on my next trip.

Recently, I got this lovely talking Jar Jar doll and it’s also a speaking clock. It keeps on giving. So I spend the afternoons teaching this little wonder how to walk. I feel like a sextraterrestrial teacher waiting for the next nabooty call.


26 December 2012

Updated the design of a little bit to keep it fresh.
– Twitther is on the sidebar to the right now.
– There is an infinite scroll if you reach the bottom of the main page.
– And the overall font size is bigger. Yes, very exciting, I know!
Merry Xmas – Hope yule enjoy! xo

Face Love Anew

so good I had to get it twice @stereogamous feat. Shaun J Wright - Face Love Anew

I rarely buy vinyl these days but once in a while there comes a record that is so good I have to get it twice. This one is buy Australian gay gayness duo stereogamous feat. Shaun J Wright. The melancholic deep house song is carried by Shaun’s smooth yet determined vocals. Face Love Anew in XTC.

You might remember Shaun J Wright from the last Hercules & Love Affair album and his solo debut on Andy Butler’s MR INTL label called Forevermore. I had included a remix of Forevermore on one of my minimixes.

Favourite versions of Face Love Anew: the orginal, Jason Kendig and Horse Meat Disco Remix. Listen below.