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Had the best time at the first Stargayzer festival in Austin, TX


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welcome 2 juice land #stargayzer day 2

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@reginathegentlelady last night at @stargayzerfest

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Rebecca & Mitzy at #stargayzer @paulsoileau spreading the clap

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@sindrisalad BAM!

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She's 80/40 about it #stargayzer

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left the airbnb host a prezzie baby had the best time

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See You In Vienna

Hippies Use Side Door

See you in Vienna on October 3rd for the opening of Cosima von Bonin’s exhibition HIPPIES USE SIDE DOOR. THE YEAR 2014 HAS LOST THE PLOT. Starts at 7pm at mumok.

The American-German-Canadian performance group Da Group will link up with further performers in Vienna to open Cosima von Bonin’s exhibition with a flamboyant show. Founder members Oliver Husain, Claus Richter, and Sergej Jensen will be joined by Stefan Müller and Simone Junker, and the group will perform under the name The Ypsilon Five.

Under the pseudonym Die 3 Ypsilons, Canadian-German neo-drag entities Mary Messhausen, Doc Nancy, and Produzentin will bring their own irresistible magical sexflair to the Cosima von Bonin exhibition opening.

Admission free, protective clothing is recommended

For the exhibition, Mary and I have done a video. Watch an excerpt below.
BUT FIRST, let me take a selfie!

Who goes out on Mondays?

Pearls Over Shanghai

On Saturday, Mary Messhausen and myself saw Pearls Over Shanghai, the reproduction of the musical by The Cockettes. The updated version is brought back to the stage 40 years after its debut by The Thrillpeddlers in collaboration with some of the original Cockettes members.

It was great to see original composer Richard “œScrumbly” Koldewyn on the piano and original Cockette Rumi Missabu reprising his role as the evil Madame Gin Sling (photo below). It is such a fun and exciting show, including an opium induced scene played in the dark. Our favourite song is “Apples and Won Ton” sung by Lili Frustrata.

Pearls Over Shanghai is playing in San Francisco until August 1st.
The Thrillpeddlers are currently also playing Hot Greeks, which was the only other scripted book musical by The Cockettes. Now I wish I had seen this one too.

Rumi Missabu as Madame Gin Sling
Photo by David Allen

Postcards from Budapest

I spent the last few days chillaxing in Budapest. There are two main things to do here: eating cake and resting at a spa. Some of the thermal baths date back to the Turkish period. Like the Király, which comes with extra gay gayness to clean out every orifice.
When I leave Budapest tomorrow evening, I guess I will be just as tender as a big, fat piece of warm butter. Melting away and ready to party. Fasten your seat belts.

Boiling Beppu

Beppu Devil

I vistited Beppu, the hot spring capital of Japan, in 2002. The whole city is basically running on hot steam. Nine of the hot springs are also known as Hells, which offer unlimited tourist fun.

Now today, eons after my visit, I received an e-mail from Beppu, letting me know that the Beppu city administration has installed a webcam. So cute:

We are very pleased to inform you that you can now observe hot springs steam. (…) We hope that you enjoy the scenery of Beppu-Kannawa Onsen, from time to time, through the Live -Camera available 24 hours a day.

Want to go back right now!

Beppu Devil Family Portrait

Od’d on Gaudi

I’m basically overdosed on Gaudi.

Please send all your broken colorful tiles to my attention and I’ll prepare a turtle world out of them that will rival the Sagrada Familia but gayer. It shall be called “Gay Guell Tortuga (Gay)”. It shall take 77 years to be completed but it will not be finished ever. Think of it as an objet.

The turtle world will provide happiness to all people and will open everyday at 9 am. But the best pictures can be taken before 8 am, before the tourist busses arrive.

The merchandise shop will be open 24 h. The customers will be served free water.

Turtle World (Rendering 1)

Bearcelona: The Gaudi Years

Selk’nam Spirits

In November 2002 we traveled to Tierra del Fuego / Feuerland. We went there on our way from Chile and took a twelve hour bus ride from Puerto Natales via Punta Arenas to Ushuaia.

It must have been in Ushuaia, at the small Yamana Museum were I found the postcards below. The museum shows the geological origin of Tierra del Fuego, the way of life of natives (there were four groups: Yamana, Alakaluf, Selk’nam and Haush), and the extinction of the local people through murder and infectious diseases brought by Europeans.

Selknam Spirit

By 1911, only around 300 Selk’nam lived in reserves. Two Christian missionaries were established to provide housing and food for the natives. In spite of the help, Selk’nam were unable to survive without their traditions and lifestyles. A bigger part of the population died because of measles in 1925. The last ethnic Selk’nam died in the 1960/70 (sources give different names and years).

The pictures were taken by Martin Gusinde, a German missionary and Ethnologist. During 1918 to 1924 he traveled to Tierra del Feugo four times and studied the Selk’nam. Therefore, the culture of the Selk’nam is well documented in his 1000 pages strong book. His writing came under criticism later on as it is believed that especially the chapters dealing with religion and family values have not been unreflected from his own contemporary beliefs. However, Martin Gusinde was the first and last Ethnologist who studied the Selk’nam culture as a whole.

The male initiation ceremony of the Selk’nam called Hain was held for several months of the year and different groups came together to celebrate. Young men were brought to a hut were they were thought in myths. The ceremony included rituals in which the young men had to prove their endurance and strength.

The highlight of the festival was the appearance of spirits, actually adult male Selk’nam disguised as such. Each of the spirits had it’s own character. Some of them were there to scare women, others appeared for entertainment. Later on, the real identity of the spirits was revealed to the young men.

The last Hain was held in one of the missions in 1923, and it was photographed by Martin Gusinde. The photos depict various spirits.

Selknam Spirit

Selknam Spirit

Selknam Spirit

German Wikipedia on Selk’nam
English Wikipedia on Selk’nam
Martin Gusinde Museum Puerto Williams (Spanish)
Museo del Fin del Mundo (Spanish, more photos)
Martin Gusinde Biography (in German)

my weekend

I left Frankfurt Saturday morning and drove to Antwerp. I took a picture of this.
By 11pm I was back at my apartment.

Birgit, Sabs, Viola and I sat by the river today. The water stood quite high in the riverbed. I didn’t get a coffee because the queue at the Maincafe was apparently 8 kilometers long. Someone said that they still operated the bar according to their winter schedule.
In the evening, we watched tv and ate Euro Münzen.

I’m into Ricardo Villalobos now. At least into his almost 15 minutes remix of Beck’s Cellphone’s Dead (listen). The remix is on the deluxe edition of his Information album.


Montreal Nights

La Lady M

Toffi and me crawled out of the Sommerloch by taking a trip to Montreal. After the long party weekend I think that maybe Montreal is Canada’s Ibiza. Although, I have never been to Ibiza.

Our days on the island started with a bit of sightseeing, followed by a disco nap and in the evenings we went to the Gay Pride festivities (they call it “Divers/Cité” over there, please excuse my french). On Saturday, we saw Amanda Lepore and Lady Miss Kier perform at Sexgarage 2. Amanda sang 2 songs. And a third one as an a cappella.

Next up was Lady Miss Kier, who I am still in love with. She sang some Deee-lite hits and a few new demos, of which I liked her cover of George Clinton’s Bullet Proof best. I was just a little sad, that she didn’t sing I Had A Dream I Was Falling Through A Hole In The Ozone Layer. But I loved it when she changed the lyrics to What Is Love to How do you say – disgusting?

After their shows, we had the chance to say hi to the Ladies.
We were smitten.

Montreal is a little bit smaller than Toronto, but not when it comes to male strip clubs. There are 5 or 6 or more. Our favourite one was Stock Bar, which just re-opened after a fire 3 months ago. The place was packed on Sunday night. They had a catwalk stage with a pole at the front and a second stage, consisting of a shower with psychedelic light effects. Phil Collins sang I can feel it coming in the air tonight when the stripper got wet under the shower.

Miss Lepore

Toffi and Miss Kier

Amanda and Toffi

New York Moments

I am not especially keen on flying but my flight from New York to Toronto was wonderful. Clear and sunny views of Manhattan, the Niagara Falls and Toronto included. I love flying.

Sunday evening we went to Danny Krivit’s birthday party at Pacha. When we left the club a cab stopped conveniently right in front of us. We got in on one side and a man left the car on the other side. As I was the last one to get in the cab, he passed my way. I only noticed him, when he climbed the stairs to Pacha. It was Mel Cheren, whose (very schwül) autobiography I am currently reading, sporting a black bomber jacket with the Paradise Garage logo embroidered on the back.
I was quite tired and not fast enough to talk to him about the book or that I would like to do an interview. Before I got my mind together he vanished into the club.

Mariah's CribSo, I spent the remaining hours of my New York trip stalking Mariah and Yoko.

I guess everyone who reads this site has seen Mariah’s MTV Cribs episode (be sure to watch the bonus footage) as I have mentioned it in 1543 posts. Now see the building where she has a tri-level penthouse from the outside. Its in Tribeca and many thanks to my well informed friend.

Yoko's CribHere are pictures of the Dakota building, where Yoko still has an apartment, and the Strawberry Fields Memorial.

MTV should get her to do a Crib’s episode. This would be so fabulous! I am wondering if she still has John’s glasses, which he was wearing when he was murdered, lying at the windowsill.

Season of Glass.


Imagine Yoko on MTV Cribs

Postcard from New York

Here it is
Übernerd in front of the former Paradise Garage

I’ve met with Viola for a few days of vinyl shopping, clubbing and fun in New York. And we are very proud to spin a few records this Friday:

Please join Carol Greene,
Jay Sanders & Michael Krebber

Produzentin & Viola

Friday April 7th, 10 pm

436 West 15th St. (between 9th and 10th Avenue)

Parlez-vous japonais?

Lake Kawaguchi north of Mount FujiWhat have I gotten myself into?

Ever since I visited Japan a few years ago, I wanted to learn the language. On Tuesday I had my first Japanese course. The classes are in Japanese only, no English, German, whatsoever. I should have learned all the hiragana symbols before class but found that too boring. I thought: They will not use all the symbols in the first lesson, lets focus on the first 25. Bad idea!

After 30 min. we started to use ra and ro symbols which of yourse I didn’t know. Let alone how to write them. I was lost but cheated my way through the rest of the lesson.

The next class is tomorrow and to be prepared I’m hammering the hiragana symbols into my head. For them to stay forever. Period.

For your enjoyment: below are the numbers from 1 to 10 in romanji (spelling in brackets if different) and in hiragana. I’m not sure why 4, 7 and 9 need two different Japanese types. I know nothing. Now, please écoutez et répétez.

Sausage Fest1 – iti (ichi) – いち
2 – ni – に
3 – san – さん
4 – si / yon – し / よん
5 – go – ご
6 – roku – ろく
7 – siti (sichi) / nana – しち / なな
8 – hati (hachi) – はち
9 – ku / kyuu – く / きゅう
10 – zyuu – じゅう

hot love dolphin

popular, hot and verkifftI’ve been to a Hot Chip concert on Wednesday, where I got this totally verkiffte button. It was super. They rocked the house and their live beats are phatt, eh fat. Check them out while they are on tour.

Courtney Love heads back into the studio and says: “A lot of times rockers are trying to be cool so much they forget that the fundamental job is to be as vulnerable as possible. Really good comedians are sometimes more rock ‘n’ roll than rock ‘n’ rollers.”

What I forgot to tell you about Cuba. I touched a dolphin and it reminded me of washing a very ripe and soft eggplant. The circumstances leading to the touchy touchy are a bit embarrasing, so I can’t reveal them. But it involed me, sitting on a catamaran with an open bar together with lots of people who stayed at a tourist resort hotel thing. The glamour of it all!

Postcards from Havana

Back in Toronto from our little Cuba holiday.

I love the Havana street life. To cool me off from all the hot guys, we drove around with Coco movil. But then, the drivers were hot, too. There was no escape.

First picture taken from the balcony of Casa Aurora (that’s where we stayed in Havana), overlooking Plaza del Cristo and the Capitolo Nacional.
Third picture taken at the Museo de los Orishas. More on Santeria.

View from Casa Aurora by husain.deCoco movil, the way to go.Hug me.

Postcards from Detroit

Back in Toronto from our little trip to Detroit.

We hang out with Aaron-Carl and his wonderful kids on Friday. At night we went to fabulous ghettotech set of him at the Corktown Tavern.
Go to Aaron-Carl’s website to see him perform at some of his first shows ever (there are four clips in the WindowsMediaPlayer, you can skip through them). They make me wish I was already a fan of him back then.

On Saturday night, Pirahnahead took us to Bert’s Marketplace. This is a late night jazz bar, where the local jazz musicians go to after they played their paid gigs around town. I never thought I could like jazz so much. I want to dj jazz records now.

Peoplemover tracks over Jefferson
Taken from the Peoplemover

produzentin privat: Koffer packen

Geparden und Patchwork: PackenWenn man sich für längere Zeit im Ausland aufhält ist es sehr wichtig, dass man wundervolle Decken und Vorleger einpackt.

Im Gepäck sind also dieser wunderbare Badvorleger von Hermes und die beste & schönste Patchworkdecke von Steffi.

Mein nächster Eintrag kommt aus Toronto. Zusammen mit meinem bf bin ich für ein Jahr in Kanada.

Vote Nancy

Vote Nancy!Nancy tritt heute abend in Köln bei der Mr. Bear Germany 2006 Wahl an. Das Ganze steht unter dem Motto Bear Mania und ich glaube, Nancy hat sich für ihre Performance ein paar gute Manien ausgedacht. Soviel sie mir verraten hat, wird es eine aufgeladene, tanzintensive Show.

Eine ICE Wagenladung voller Freunde ist aus Frankfurt angereist, um Nancy hysterisch zu unterstützen. Herzlichen Dank an Gabi für die wundervollen Buttons.

Im Grunde wollen wir doch alle Nancy Boys sein.

You go, girl!
Vote Nancy!

Crying At The Cote d’Azur


Eigentlich wollte ich während meines Provence und Cote d’Azur Urlaubs einige Drehorte von Under The Cherry Moon aufsuchen. Der Prince Film aus dem Jahr 1986 wurde in Nizza und am Cap d’Antibes gedreht. Da ich mir den Klassiker schon lange nicht mehr angeschaut hatte, konnte ich mich jedoch an kaum einen Ort erinnern.

Nur die Villa Eilen Roc hatte ich vorher recherchiert. Im Film wohnen Mary Sharon (Kristin Scott Thomas) und ihre Eltern in dem Haus. Doch als wir mit unserem kleinen Flitzerauto um 17 Uhr bei dem Park ankamen, wurden die Pforten gerade geschlossen. Eine Träne floss meine perfekt geschminkte Wange hinunter.

Die Stimmung besserte sich jedoch schnell, als wir in Monaco ankamen. Das herrliche Dachmosaik an der Uferpromenade hinter dem Casino und der Oper ließ mich wieder aufatmen.

Heute habe ich mir den Film im Schnelldurchlauf reingezogen. Dabei ist mir das Intro aufgefallen, dass die Handlung vorwegnimmt:

Once upon a time in France, there lived a bad boy named Christopher Tracy. (gespielt von Prince)
Only one thing mattered to Christopher: money.
The women he knew came in all sizes, shapes, and colors and they were all rich. Very rich.
Private concertos, kind words, and fun is what he had to offer them.
Yes, Christopher lived for all women, but he died for one. (für Mary Sharon)
Somewhere along the way, he learned the true meaning of love.

Oktoberfest Fun


TV!Freiwillig wäre ich nie zum Oktoberfest gefahren. Überhaupt Bayern. Schlimm.

Nach einer Stunde hatte mich die bierseelige Laune angesteckt und ich amüsierte mich prächtig. Das funktionierte nur unter Gruppenzwang und weil ich morgens zur Einstimmung einen lokalen TV Sender geschaut hatte, der live von der Wies’n berichtete (Bild links).


Ludwig II.The picture on the left would normally be deemed to morbid for produzentin, but when you’ve lived at the Starnberger See for one week, it makes you sentimental seeing the place where König Ludwig II. drowned himself.

On a lighter note, I spent a lot of time in a room called the “Blue Room” where the carpet was red. I got confused each morning.


Wer lädt mich kurzentschlossen zu einem Wochenende in NYC ein? Das Einzigste was ich dort wirklich sehen möchte, ist das Broadway-Multi-Millionen-Dollar-Musical Taboo von und mit Boy George. Leider ist die letzte Vorstellung schon am 8. Februar. Das Musical tourt zwar auch in England, dort aber ohne Boy George and it isn’t on Broadway!

Taboo ist ein musikalisches Portrait des Nachtlebens Anfang der 80er Jahre in London. Die Protagonisten sind Boy George und Leigh Bowery; letzterer konnte sich am Besten inszenieren. Boy George spielt nicht sich selbst, sondern Leigh. Schon das Bild bei obigem Link ist einfach phantastisch. Ich kann eine weitere Recherche zu Leigh Bowery und dem Musical nur empfehlen, da die Kostüme einfach phänomenal sind.