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Recently in Glasgow

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who's exploiting who?

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mit Simon Junker #CosimavonBonin

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Auf’d at WdW

This was an Euro quicky. I got back from Rotterdam last night and still feel a little bit dizzy. Cosima von Bonin had an opening at Witte de With with the enormous title “Cosima von Bonin’s Far Niente for Witte de With’s Sloth Section, Loop # 01 of the Lazy Susan Series, a Rotating Exhibition 2010 – 2011”.

I don’t know what it was, but I was tumbling through the exhibition all night. Maybe it’s because I watched a bit of Play Time by Tati, which was screened in one of the rooms.

Anyways, at the end of the night, I was handing out the popular “You are Auf’d” postcards to get people to leave the show.

Clam hat by Cosima von Bonin, blouse by Mary Messhausen, skirt by Comme des Gar├žons.
Thank you Bitz, Conny, Kyle & Toffi.

More pictures after the jump.






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Auf’d at Tr├Ęs Fatty Gay

Saturday a week ago, I was part of the opening of Cosima von Bonin’s exhibition “The Fatigue Empire”. I had the honour of kicking people out of the Kunsthaus Bregenz. Sounds like the perfect job for me, right? My friend Doc Nancy was also there and drove the car through the 2nd floor of the Kunsthaus. Drink’n’Drive has never been more fun.

I started throwing people out on the 3rd floor by presenting “You Are Auf’d” postcards, which didn’t go down so well. Most people just wanted to stay. So, I said: “All cute people have to leave and you are very cute. Just look around, who’s left?!”.
And down the stairs they went.

Now you can call it performance. But when is a drag queen not performing? HELLO?!

Check out some pictures below and more after the jump. Even more pictures on flickr.

My dress by Mary Messhausen. Clam hat by Cosima von Bonin.
Manatees-and-nail-polish digital silk print of the dress by Pandy Ramada.

With Cosima and Einsiedlerkrebs.

At the P├Ądagogikraum. Can you spot Doc Nancy?

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Bulletinboard Blvd.

Lucie and Will have an opening at their gallery Pro Choice in Vienna tonight. And 5 million people are involved. Every one sent a poster which is going to be put up by Tom Humphreys.

The list of all people is below, but I really wanted to show you what my poster looks like. There is a some Chicago in there and no Bernhard Willhelm. I know, shocking.


Bulletinboard Blvd. from 29.01.09 “ÔÇť 28.02.09

Posters by Ei Arakawa/Patrick Price, Arakawa and Gins, Thomas Bayrle, Michael Beutler, Gerry Bibby, Jesse Benson, Henning Bohl, Catrin Bolt, Wolfgang Breuer, Michael Callies

David Catherall, Sunah Choi, Kerstin Cmelka, D├â┬ępendance, Sara Deraedt, Michele Di Menna, Lucy Indiana Dodd, Christian Egger, Michaela Eichwald, Jana Euler et Manuel Gnam

Fabrics Interseason, Isabelle Fein, Olivier Foulon, Free Class FFM, GirlsOnHorses (Elke Auer/Eva Egermann/Esther Straganz/Julia Wieger), Manuel Gorkiewicz, G├╝ls├╝m G├╝ler, Marlene Haring, Florian Hecker, Tamara Henderson

Darcy Huebler, Tom Humphreys, Nate Hylden, Anna Jermolaewa, Steffen J├â┬Şrgensen/ Robert Kjaer Clausen/ Allan Nicolaisen, David Jourdan, Pernille Kapper Williams, Annette Kelm

Thomas Kilpper, Peter Kortmann, Michael Krebber, Markus Krottendorfer , Andrei Koschmieder, Sonia Leimer, Anita Leisz, Brian Mann, Christian Mayer, Birgit Megerle

Michaela Meise, Almut Middel, Daniel M├╝ller-Friedrichsen, Joshua Nathanson, Dennis Oppenheim, Michael Part, Luciano Perna, Manfred Pernice, Produzentin, Josephine Pryde

Barak Reiser, Sabine Reitmaier, Mandla Reuter, Claus Richter, Ulla Rossek, Matthias Schaufler, Bernhard Schreiner, Nora Schultz, Dietmar Schw├Ąrzler, Hanna Schwarz

Constanze Schweiger, Ditte Soria, Anne Speier, Tove Storch, Josef Strau, Stephen Suckale, Megan Sullivan, Stefan Thater, Pascal Theriault, Harald Thys/Jos de Gruyter

Vier5, Westphalie Verlag, Alexander Wolff, Amelie von Wulffen, Haegue Yang, Nate Young, Alivia Zivich, Andreas Zybach with a stencil by Michael Beutler.

Interview with Jean-Paul Lespagnard for Mode Depesche

Mode Depesche

The new issue of Mode Depesche has just been released. The cover of the fashion magazine features model and actress Marisa Berenson (granddaughter of famous fashion designer Elisa Schiaparelli). You may remember Marisa from her roles in Barry Lydon or Visconti’s Death in Venice. Of course there are many photos of her. I only want to point you to the cover of Vogue (July 1970), together with Helmut Berger.
Also, there is an interview with Peter Berlin done by Claus.

Anyway, at the beginning of July I did a short trip to Brussels to meet up with designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard to talk about his latest collections, French fries, obsessions and Madonna”Ôäós death.

Pictures of his work and the interview after the jump.

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Raw by Viola Klein

In Raw, Viola Klein’s short film, Nancy, Toffi and I act as girlfriends who retired from show business out of free will. Hortense, Phyllis and Susan live in a self-supporting environment, far away from their former stage, the Vanity Ballroom (pictured below).

Here are a few set pictures.

Vanity Ballroom
Vanity Ballroom, Detroit

The premiere of the short took place:
Friday, January 5th 2007, 21 h
Kino in der Br├╝cke
Hahnenstra├če 6 – Cologne

And afterwards: African Drum
Weidengasse 79 – Cologne

Mode Depesche #4 – In die Fashionw├╝ste?

The latest issue of Cologne based fashion fanzine Mode Depesche was published in May (their website has an older issue for your viewing pleasure). I’ve written a column about my shopping adventures in Canada. Read the article after the jump.

My behind glamorized by Mariah and Pandy

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Texte zur Kunst #56, Dezember 2004 | Mode

Texte zur Kunst Nr. 56In der Texte zur Kunst #56 / Mode wurde ein Artikel von mir ├╝ber Bernhard Willhelm ver├Âffentlicht.

In der Ausgabe ist au├čerdem ein Interview von Jutta Koether mit Karl Lagerfeld abgedruckt. Auf einen l├Ąngeren Fragenblock von Jutta Koether antwortet der Designer: “Alle Ihre Fragen in Ihren langen Fragen haben etwas Wahres. Gleichzeitig ist es aber simpler.”

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Sing Back The Symbols | DV, 11 min. | 2003

Sing Back The SymbolsAn exact reproduction of the music videos And So Is Love and The Red Shoes by Kate Bush from her 1993 short film The Line, The Cross & The Curve. The narration follows the fairy tale of the red shoes by Hans Christian Andersen. Two big fans of the singer in the main roles.

Watch Sing Back The Symbols after the jump!
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