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Hotnuts Coming Up Rosebuds

Thank you all for coming in full bloom! Finally, here are photos from Hotnuts Everything is Coming Up Rosebuds.

It was Shaun J Wright’s first solo show after Hercules & Love Affair and he got us all to TWIRL! Can’t wait until his new material is going to be released.

Almost all photos by Adam Moco – he also did portraits.

All photos on flickr.

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 076

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 054

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 060

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 047

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 050

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 057

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 056

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 007

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 005

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 004

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 019

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 018

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 067

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 075

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 080

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 079

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 077

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 081

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 059

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 029

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 030

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 027

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 009

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 041

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 042

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 043

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 044

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 045

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 083

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 039

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 038

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 033

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 003

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 002

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 017

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 016

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 013

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 014

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 071

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 072

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 070

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 064

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 062

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 063

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 037

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 036

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 006

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 066

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 061

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 032

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 024

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 023

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 020

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 021

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 026

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 025

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 084

Hotnuts Rosebuds - 008

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We Had a Good Friday Night @ Mighty Real

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shet she's calling from inside

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Copping a mighty feel

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Hotnuts Christmas with CHRISTEENE

Hotnuts Xmas - 078

This has been the skaniest and most festive Christmas ever. CHRISTEENE kicked the xmas baubles hard. NOW Magazine writes that CHRISTEENE was like Beyonce on bath salts. Really, what more could we have asked for? Watch clips of CHRISTEENE with DJ JJ Booya performing 39-34-39 and Tears From My Pussy at Hotnuts. Both songs are from the just released album WASTE UP, KNEEZ DOWN.

The show started when Mary Messhausen took the stage – wrapped in bows. As it was the birthday of dj das hussy, we had a cake in shape of a vinyl record for our fav lezzie. Of course the cake was vegan.

Then, the Gentlelady Regina opened with her hawt buttered version of the Fiona Apple song Hot Knife.

More photos after the jump – all on flickr.







The Gentlelady Regina




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Hotnuts on a WilderMess Safari

This was the biggest Hotnuts yet and we almost got lost in the WilderMess. I really wouldn’t have mind if there was no way out. So much fun at The Garrison. Thanks everybody for coming out and dressing up.

The HD stage really got the girls going. Mary re-wrote MJB’s hit into a Deep InsideHer Ass. Then, the grinding wonder Miss Jamaica took over with her 4:20 heavy jams. The staggering beats by Dj No Problem got us whining & screaming. Such a hot WilderMess!

Watch clips of Miss Jamaica’s and Mary’s performances after the jump.
Also, more pictures and all pics on flickr.

We’re back for Pride – Saturday, June 30th with extended license till 4am. Get ready for retox!

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New stage - old dolls

Miss Jamaica on stage

Hotnuts WilderMess - 29

Hotnuts WilderMess - 60

Erin and OMG, is that Frank?

El WilderMess Bear Ho



You're cute!

Regina - so mysterious

Lady Shebra

Michael & Bobby

Brandy & hussy

Luis and Minus Smile

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Fab Nuts Now

The assistant that we hired five years ago to collect all of our press clippings finally had one busy day. Mary Messhausen, produzentin and El Bear Ho are on the cover of Toronto’s fab magazine.
Download your copy here with more pics inside.

And then we did a cute interview with Now Magazine for Hotnuts on a WilderMess Safari.

Dufferin Mall drag queens by Kevin Ritchie

The Garrison is getting a drag makeover. After five years at the Beaver, popular gay dance party HotNuts will upgrade to the Dundas West club and take place every third month.

While pop rules the west-end gay scene, HotNuts is a haven of deep house and DIY couture that’s welcomed performers like the House of Monroe and local drag institution Michelle DuBarry. On Saturday (March 31), dancehall queen Miss Jamaica takes the stage.

Ahead of the event’s comeback, NOW had a three-way phoner with resident DJ Produzentin and host Mary Messhausen to find out what goes into their neo-drag look.

What do you do to prepare for HotNuts?

MARY: Two weeks before the party, Proddy and I go to Dufferin Mall to see the newest collection at Voluptuous, our favourite designer. Second-favourite is Comme des Garçons.

PRODDY: We’re hoping now that this media blitz is starting, the CEO of Voluptuous will call Mary and ask her to do her own line.

MARY: We’re talking major Dufferin Mall collaboration. There will be a lineup of tens of people outside.

Memorable HotNuts moments?

MARY: I have to mention Mama Messhausen, my sly old mother, who did a couple of performances. That’s always a treat. She sang traditional Filipino love songs and did Proud Mary. Right before she sang it she said, “I’m singing this song because I’m so proud of my Mary.”

PRODDY: It was a real tearjerker.

MARY: And Proddy, what are your fave moments?

PRODDY: When Miss Margot came as Britney Spears and threw chicken wings and Cheetos at the audience and slipped on the floor, which she’d greased with Red Bull. There was a nice sweet smell of Red Bull all over the Beaver that night.

What’s your beauty regime on the day of the party?

MARY: We start with a three-quarter chicken dinner from Swiss Chalet.

PRODDY: The last time we had the half-chicken, it wasn’t enough, but we don’t want to order a full chicken because we feel too ashamed.

MARY: Never do drag makeup on an empty stomach. After we eat, it’s a good hour and a half to get the dolls ready to hit the stage.

That’s not so bad.

PRODDY: If we douche, it takes a little longer.

Genie in a Hotnut: Return to Dubai

That was the perfect last Hotnuts at The Beaver, where we always felt at home. Thank you Beaver team & much love. Now, after 5 years, the magical carpet is going to take us to a new destination.

Thanks to all Genie’s for making last Friday such a special night and keeping the mirage alive. Watch Gentlelady Regina’s performance at the end of this post. There was a serious camera malfunction during Nancy’s XXX number (aka she is incontinent), so we can’t post it hurrr.

See you after the summer break at our new location in Dubai!
More pictures after the jump, gazillion more on the flickrs.

Mary and my ensemble by Mary Messhausen.


Mary Messhausen, El Bear Ho, produzentin

The Muppet Show

Gentlelady Regina performing

Nancy performing

das huss djing


Karen Frostitution

Cumoily Simmons and Peg Zilla

Oliver, Nancy, Zesty

The Nurse

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Hotnuts at The Lobster Beach Resort

That was the perfect 5th Hotnuts anniversary. Thank you all for dressing up and packing the Lobster Beach Resort.

Keith Cole’s performance took a couple of hours as he installed a Hotnuts birthday sign across the street from The Beaver. The scaffolding of the Bohemian Embassy never looked so beautiful. The audience inside couldn’t be happier: they got a shower of pink lobster spawn from Mary and me and hot clam chowder from Wilbur Junior. What more can you ask for, really?

Check out the pics after the jump, much more on flickr.

Mary and my dress by Mary Messhausen.
Our make up by Miss Margot.

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The Social Nutswork

For Hotnuts: The Social Nutswork Mary Messhausen handed out Oscarettes for Best Armani outfits. Salvation Armani that is. The House of Monroe took the stage afterwards with Twisted, Vixxen and Snoopy vogueing in total pre-Oscar über red carpet celebration. After their drops, Twisted mc’ed a runway battle with Peggles, Vanessa, Duncy and Splits.

Hotnuts is taking a break in March, we’re back April 23rd.

More pictures after the jump & more on flickr.

Mary and proddy

das hussy and Oliver

da priced pig ho




serving serious ass: Sho Sho

proddy and the interwebz

Mary and Minus Smile

House of Monroe: Vixxen

House of Monroe: Twisted mcing

Peg Vanessa

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Hotnuts Twincest

Thanks to all the twins and other creatures that made Hotnuts Twincest a truly incestuous night.

Fay Slift performed Get Outta My Way and Vivienne gave us a Total Eclipse of the Heart. Also, our favourite nurse got baked with a dope cake. Check all the pictures after the jump – 100 on flickr – lot’s of floor rolling fun.

The next Hotnuts is on February 26 and part of the month long 5 Year Beaver Birthday Celebrations. It’s going to be festive!

Proddy and Mary

El Bear Ho and Oliver

Peg and Twany

Vanessa and Phons

Kylie and Grady

Fragile Twins

Glenda and Miss Simpson

The Monster Arrives

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Hotnuts JPIV

Hotnuts Jurassic Park IV at lots for trannysauruses stumbling on the dance floor after Peg Zilla’s and Tyrantasarus Skanks’ performance unleashed slimey dino eggs. Watch Peg & Skanks eat their offspring.

Thank you for the ancient times. Jurassic never felt so Permian.
Outfits of Mary Messhausen, produzentin, Peg Zilla and Bitz by Mary Messhausen Heritage

More after the jump and on flickr.

Mary Messhausen

proddy and Oliver

Duncy Trannyz

Peg Zilla


Minus Smile and Israel


das hussy

El Bear Tiger


Bruce La Bruce, Kevin, Bobo, Greg

Robert, Gentleman Reg, Danny

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Hallonuts Hotween

This is how Hotnuts should be every month. Almost everyone was dolled up and ready to party.
Thank you for making Halloween the most fun.

Mary Messhausen’s sister, Vic, dressed up as Mary Messhausen and introduced her granny sibling, Beulah. It was quiet a scandal at Hotnuts actually, because Vic used the word “blowjob” on stage. We were in shock. Then it was the debut performance of Beulah Messhausen. And who doesn’t want to see a hot, big granny strip?
Next up were Margot & Margot in a total twincest number that had all the right ingredients.

So many pictures after the jump, gazillions more on flickr.
Up next it’s blockbuster time: Jurassic Park 4 Hotnuts on November 27.

Proddy, Peg, Beuhlah



Buelah stripping

with the sexiest cat


sexy witch


Steph and Colin

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Mary, Tante Karen, Tante Proddy

OMG so OOC. That was so much fun. Thank you for making Pridetoberfest all about Hosen- and Dirndl-SPASS. Only abroad can this German girl handle so much gay Germanness.

Tante Karen started the evening by djing her favourite deutsche Sänger: Heino. What a treat that was for all of us! And the highlights just kept on rolling out of the barrel: Polka Queen Maija worked the accordion with a traditional Scorpions song, we had a Chug-A-Lug and a corndog eating contest. And not to forget, a super lustige sausage strut around the Beaver Stube.

Pridetoberfest is what we want every month. Can’t wait for next year.

(On a side note, I have sold this website to facebook for $1. The advantage is that you can leave comments with your facebook login. Just hit the “facebook connect” button at the end of this post and comment along. Thanks, proddy)

More pics after the jump, tons more on flickr.

Willkommen, Grüzi!


Proddy & Mustardbeard

Samara and Tante Karen

Proddy, Peggles, Gunther



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Hotnuts Sensitivity Training

Gentlelady Reg



Last night at Hotnuts, Gentleman Reg performed in drag for the first time ever. Shortly after midnight, Gentlelady Reg took the stage with an a cappella rendition of “Like Someone in Love” (originally recorded in the 40s and later included on Bjork’s Debut). Her second song was a stunning cover of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” and with that, she broke our hearts. So good. Peg Zilla (Peg’s new name, more on that in an upcoming Hotnuts theme) shot a video of the Lady’s performance, check it out but don’t mind Peg Zilla’s bat-like screaming.

Mary’s outfit was inspired by Mummers, a tradition of her peoples from Newfoundland. My hat was inspired by the bricks my yoga teacher throws at my head every time I start talking to hot boys in yoga class. As you can see, we really tried hard with the sensitivity training theme.

Thanks so much for coming out and the fun times on the dance floor.
Next Hotnuts: October 30th – Hallonuts Hotween for the scariest Saturday of the year.

More pictures after the jump. And on flickr.



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Parlez-Vous Hotnuts?

Cody Critcheloe was in town for the Toronto premiere of the SSION movie BOY and the afterparty at Hotnuts. So, we kicked off the evening with the screening at Mercer Union. It was the best way to slip into the night – Kansas City style. One of the hightlights of BOY is of course the clip for Clown.

It was kind of no surprise that when we arrived at The Beaver, we (as in I) were already a little effed. When I got reminded that August 29 is Michael Jackson’s birthday, I couldn’t help but play some of his hits early on. Thanks Duncan for requesting Earth Song. Always a crowd pleaser.

Cody had the best Hotnuts stage entry: He fell of the stairs. It was just one of those nights and so much fun. Thanks everybody for coming out.

Below is also a short clip of Cody performing a cover of Grace Jones’ Nightclubbing. Watch out for a cameo by Mary Messhausen.

More pictures after the jump. Even more on flickr.







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Hotnuts Teargas & Tassles

In the wake of the police going crazy all over town because of the G20 summit, it felt so right that Mikiki took the performance to the street and the back alley behind The Beaver. The crowd followed Mikiki around the block & M gave everyone rotten tomatoes to throw at him. By doing so he told us, we were killing his ego. He set an example for all of us.

It was such a fun night. Thank you for taking over.

Mary Messhausen’s “Lube Not Oil” dress is her own creation.
My dress from the Margiela photocopy line.
Pink vuvuzela imported by Bitz. YAY!

More pics after the jump. Much more on flickr.







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Hotbox Hotnuts

Wow. That was a great 4 year anniversary party. Thanks for a fun filled night. Jamaica set the stage on fire. Her dj companion, DJ No Problem, provided distorted dance hall beats to “Jump Up And Wave”. The energy levels were through the roof! And Jamaica is one bendy queen.

Before and after Jamaica’s performance, DJ Mi-Nuh Care (@JeremyLaing) played the finest reggae and dance hall songs. One of the hits of the night was “Twice My Age“, with the wonderful lyrics: “I’m in love with a man nearly twice my age.” I also loved that Mi-Nuh Care played the annoying but fun “Rich Girl”. When I started djing, the dance floor was already cooking with hot riddims. It was all 4 to the floor from then on. I was so happy to finally play the Riva Starr remix of Royal T. And Circles.

Of course, Mary was up to no good with dem boyz & queens and caught a major shlong. So kai kai.

Peg, the drag baby (some say from hell), was in the kitchen all afternoon and prepared some yummy cookies for us. El Bear Ho couldn’t stop eating them and was kind of baked the minute we arrived at The Beaver. We had to pump one liter of Coke down her throat to bring her back to party.

Mary Messhausen and my make-up by Margot. Our dresses by Mary.
NSFW after the jump. Tons more on flickr.

Remembering Will Munro at Hotnuts





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Hotnuts Volcanic Asses

Saturday night at Hotnuts Volcanic Asses. Fay Slift performed “It’s Oh So Quiet” and “Telephone” and shut air traffic down. There was so much enery on stage that a swan fell around Fay’s neck. So cute.

I wish I had a picture of Mary deep tonguing one of the birthday boys. What a present!
And even Ms. Guðmundsdóttir came by to rim the volcanic asses. Just have a look…

More after the jump, even more on flickr.







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Thunder only happens when it’s Hotnuts

Crystal Visions took the Hotnuts stage by storm. She performed Dreams, Landslide and Gold Dust Woman for the full Stevie Nicks realness. The Beaver was filled with lace and tambourines. Update: Watch the complete performance

Mary Messhausen created the stunning dresses for huurself and me. I’m not sure if there ever was a Hotnuts when we both wore black?! But you can’t go wrong when you have hot lace fringes and gold polka dots.

Anyways, it was a great night, thank you all for making it happen. xo.

More pics after the jump. Much more on flickr.




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On Saturday, we had our Tanuki themed Hotnuts. Thanks so much for coming out, it was a blast.

As it was Ben Ben Samuur Iman Yoshi YamaNoFrills’ (yes, that is her full name) birthday, Mary Messhausen called BBSIYY on stage and gave her a tea pot night light as a present. I guess now, she’ll always find the way to the bathroom at night, no more wet sheets! YAY!

The Thigh Master Slaves took the stage shortly after. It was a perfect Hotnuts performance: big balls, blood and dancing. Everybody in the audience wanted a ballsexamination after.

More pictures after the jump. Even more on flickr.








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Hotnuts Get Your Apps Together

Thanks for partying with us at Hotnuts Get Your Apps Together. The Beaver was rammed. The House of Monroe shook the dance floor with every drip and drop. Again, they brought such a powerful performance, the audience was screaming.

Mary Messhausen had a new friend: the Mary O’Nette.
Mysteriously, they wore the same outfit.

Dance floor killer of the night: Crookers feat. Roisin Murphy – Royal T.
I had to play it twice in a row.

Mary and my dress by Mary Messhausen. Of course!

More pictures after the jump, full set on flickr.










When Mary was pregnant a few months ago, no one, including Mary, heard anything about it again. But then she sneezed and BOOM, there was her drag daughter: Peg.

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Hotnuts Illusions of Privacy

Thanks for coming to our holiday Hotnuts Illusions of Privacy party. Mary Messhausen had her face done woochie style. People thought she was straight from the Pandora rain forest.

Lady Kaka had the pants loaded when she took the stage and made us all sing: “Bad Incontinence. Ka-Ka-Puuuhh-La-La.”

Abbas won the grand prize in the first Hotnuts raffle: a herbal cookie, a Bernhard Willhelm t-shirt (he believed it) and a Lady Kaka ep.

More pictures after the jump, full set on flickr.








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Hotnuts Legitimate Look

Thanks to all the GothNuts who came out and made Legitimate Look so much dark fun.

Just in time, Mary and myself had returned from a Neon Rave Camo time traveling trip.

Opera Arcana performed 3 wonderful songs, one of them was The Raven.

Mary was so inspired by it that she created a dance named after it & taught everyone on the dance floor how to dance The Raven. This was the moment.

Check out the photos below, more after the jump & the whole set on flickr.


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Tequila Birthday Madness

Sunday, last party night in Berlin at Berghain Kantine. ND’s birthday with a very special tequila bar by Conny and Zu from Amsterdam. After having been to crazy parties for 3 nights before, Sunday was almost impossible… But the tequila brought back our energy.

Monday morning was also the end of Girlscamp Berlin. Mary Messhausen, Toffi, Prancey Girl and myself had rented an apartment together. More on that later. For now, enjoy the pictures below, more after the jump. Even more on flickr.

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Hotnuts of an Imperfect Angel

The first Hotnuts double-themed party was so much fun. Thanks for coming out.

Lex and Karen brought “Blood Viking Sex Magik” to the Hotnuts stage. It out us into total imperfect angel bliss. Have a look at lots of chili viking outfits below.

In true Mariah style, we used Hello Kitty tongue tattoos to beautify many tacky tongues. (Thank you, Toffi.)

More pictures after the jump & the whole set on flickr.
Hotnuts is back on November 28 with very special performers.

Mary and my hat by David Chang. Thank you doll.






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Thanks so much for making Adult-BabyNuts fun. It was our youngest crowd yet. The baby that Mary and myself brought on stage did not survive long, toddler Lex humped it flat in no time.

Miss Fluffy Souffle performance had lots of pills and juices going. Such a babe.

As El Bear Ho’s birthday was just a couple of days ago, we had a cute carebear cake done by baby Frostitution.

More pictures after the jump, full set on flickr.

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Drag Holes


Finally, here are the Drag Holes pictures. It was tons of fun. Our bells were ringing all day as we were happy to be part of the Pride Toronto festivities. Thanks Daryl.

Mary and myself were expecting much more sausage action, maybe it was too light outside, maybe we did not have enough poppers. Anyways, we have not seen so many hands in one day. Ever.

Have a look for yourself after the jump. There are a lots of hotties that had their body parts beautified after they slipped them into the Drag Holes.

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Siegfried & RoyNuts on Fire


Omg, last night was out of control.

At the beginning of the night Mary and I were a bit worn out from the Drag Holes (more on that later), but when the performance by The House of Monroe started, our ship wrecks were set on fire.

Twista, Snoopy and Vixen, members of The House of Monroe shut it down. The energy levels were so high, you thought the roof would blow off any second. So much screaming and cheering.
After we thought it couldn’t get any better, there were more and more super hot dips and moves. And finally, Mary Messhausen and Isabella Hosellini joined in on the action.

Check the pictures below. Lots of pictures after the jump, even more on flickr.
We missed to capture so many great outfits, sorry to all of you who we did not flash.

Memorable Michael Jackson moments on the dancefloor: Stranger In Moscow, Can You Feel It and as the last song: Remember The Time (Silky Soul 12” Mix).

And we all have some homework to do: Brushing up on the Vogue-cabulary.

Mary and my dress by Bernhard Willhelm (thanks Pride Toronto)
My lashes by Viktor & Rolf for Shu Uemura (thanks Prancey Girl, we missed you)









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We had a wonderful time on Muumuu Island. Thanks so much for making it fun. Mama Messhausen played the ukulele and got the whole room singing: “Tiny bubble in the wine, makes me happy, makes me feel fine.” Videos will be uploaded later.

El Bear Ho won the lifetime achievement award for best costume.

More pictures after the jump, even more & full size on flickr.

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In a move to attract even more cute nerds, Mary wore the Lost numbers as a necklace to last nights Hotnütz party. My dress is by the wonderful PG, who was dearly missed.

Gartina took the stage super late but wasted no time to get naked. A semi NSFW picture is after the jump. For full sausage action, you have to check out flickr.

Das Hussy premiered her remix of Gentleman Reg’s We’re In A Thunderstorm to great dance floor success. Have a listen at the Arts & Crafts website and be sure to vote for Das Hussy.

Even more pictures, all full-size & downloadable on flickr.








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Hotnuts Dipping Sauce

Thanks to all of you for coming out to our Hotnuts dipping sauce special edition. Mary Messhausen hosted the contest: plum, creamy garlic and honey mustard never tasted so good on fresh fruits.

Olive Oyl gave a theatre ready performance of “He’s Large” from the movie Popeye. Bluto made an appearance in the form of a six-foot tall dancing penis. Head over to omgblog to watch the video.

The packed dance floor was provided with heavy house beats from Bitz, who was in town from Frankfurt, and myself.

Mary and my outfit by Mary’s new line Silky Sluts.
More pictures after the jump. Even more on flickr.


bitz in bernhard, you saw this top here first
make up by margot

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Hotnuts Ham Hocks

Last night, the M 27s (hailing from Alberta) took the stage at the rammed Beaver and performed a rousing rendition of Beyonce’s Single Ladies. We all freaked out.

Mary was lactating the whole night, although she is only one month pregnant but showing for nine. She was so exhausted after the party, that she’s now vacationing on MILF Island.
I was going for a “burka ewok slut at the circus” look. There were a couple of tranny chasers from Alberta in the house who offered some serious oil money for a little private time. It was a pleasure djing with Jaime. We as in I blew the speakers twice. Doh.

For all your HD needs, the high-res pictures are on flickr with a couple of extra ones.
My dress by Vanessa, my make up by Margot. Yay!







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Easing into Family Day

We celebrated Family Day with a party in the gay village at Straight. Mary wore her amazing stuffed toy scarf and of course I was happy to wear a Mary dress. Margot did my make up and we were ready to go.

Between my dj sets Mary and I got acquainted with a couple of cute boys. However, we couldn’t decide on whom to start a family with, so we ended the night like we always do: eating. Yummy.

Thanks to the Eva Christina’s for inviting us over.
Check out the pictures (NSFW) after the jump.

Chopped & Skrewed: Proddy & Mary

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Hotnuts Trompe-l’œil

We got some Trompe-l’œil action last night. The lady strippers got the audience all heated up & provided some lezzie action for birthday girl Andrea. Then Mikiki took the stage with a self piercing performance number. I think she’s a vampire, she did not bleed a single drop.

p.s. Mary might be preggers, we’re waiting for the test results.

All pictures are on flickr in full size.








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Holiday Hotnuts

Oh oh. The Holiday Low Ballin’ Special Hotnuts party looks like a very festive night. Jaime and das hussy were at the turntables and had the hottest beats. From what I heard, Mary was the best hostess, as always.

Oliver and I wish we were there. But instead, we were stuck in Chicago. Oprah had invited us for a late night pizza snack at her house.

Mary Messhausen

Will & Jaime

das hussy

James & friends

Shotime, Benazir, Misty Discharge & the Celine Dion's mother from the CBC documentary

John & Margot

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Mama Messhausen packed The Onyx Hotel. The traditional Philippino love song followed by Proud Mary had the crowd joining in on the action & screaming for more. Das Hussy had some great records with her & googly eyes on her breasts that got flashed to a few lucky people (wish I had a picture).
It was a very memorable evening, thank you all for coming.

More pictures after the jump & Irene’s blog.

The Messhausen's

with Israel

Mary & The Onyx Stone

Mama Messhausen

Benazir Iman II




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The New Season

That was a fun night that kicked off the new Hotnuts season. Thank you for coming out and making it happen.

Karen and Lex showed up as Wendy O-Mage and gave one of the best Hotnuts performances. There was beaver shaving, tampon eating & dick cutting, all in 4 minutes. What more can one ask for?

The pictures of the performance are after the jump as they are a slightly NSFW.

Cristobel & Mary


Matt & Oliver

Prancey Girl (PG)


Greg & Kevin
Maybe these outfits have been influenced by this trip?

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I guess I can say we had a wonderful night at Parage. Everyone was worried it was going to be empty because of the new Rauchverbot in Cologne. But au contraire, there was dancing at Sixpack.

I wish there were cute pictures of Malo, Bernd, Viola, Michi, Oliver, Herr Krebber, Michael & Peter but all I can give you is me on crutches. What can I tell you? I only wanted to have some fun & now someone said I might have a dancing-sporn. This is just screwed up (verkorkst).

Ms Crutches


Mary Messhausen hosted Saturday night’s Hothnuts. At first she had the pleasure to welcome Michelle DuBarry for a surprise performance. Such a treat! As it was Prancey Boy’s birthday, Frostitution had prepared an amazing beehive cake. So yummy. After that, Gartina took the stage and turned it into a catwalk with lyrics like: “Sexually assault me – salt me on the runway now!”. Viola brought hot records from Cologne and Detroit. The dancing went on long after last call.

Thank you for coming to Hothnuts and making our last party before the summer break so much fun. We’re back August 23rd.

Hyacinth and Viola got a messover by Mary. My dress by Vanessa.
More pictures after the jump.





Michelle DuBarry checking her email

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Last night was basically the official album release party for Mariah’s E=MC². Gartina took the stage and performed Fantasy and Make it Happen in a strobe light thunderstorm. Watch the Make It Happen climax. She was flawless as always. Jeremy was playing some hot dancehall. Mary’s hour glass figure transfixed the boys. My dress from the Mary Messhausen Mussy collection.

By the end of the night I was Mariah crazy and I screamed. “I’m going to play all 18 number one hits.” And that set the dancefloor on fire.

Thank you all for making Hotnuts happen.

The Muppet Show



Prancey Girl


Israel, Summer and friend

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Women in Love

Dear readers, when Mary and I went to Chinatown last weekend to cop the Bernhard Willhelm knock off sunglasses, we were so happy when we found them in yellow and white. And they matched our outfits.

Anyhow, last night Bubby Frieda took the stage and gave us two songs about self pity. The audience ate it up and screamed for more. As her encore Bubby sang “Woman in Love” by Barbara Streisand and everyone joined in on the chorus.

Thanks you all for making Hotnuts such fun.

My dress by Vanessa. Thank you so much, darling.

More pictures after the jump.

Bubby Frieda performing

Mary hosting



Oliver and Jen

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It was the most lezzie Hotnuts, yet. Thank you all for coming out, it was tons of fun.

Lex’s performance was so incredible, a lot of party people got their suckle on. One of my dreams came true: djing with a drag king, Kiki rocked the house. Also, it was my first time in pants at Hotnuts, thanks to a generous present I got from Cologne, kisses to M.&C. Karen was the hottest chick with a dick & she brought a bag of Hotnuts from Mexico.

Mary, we missed you.
More pictures after the jump (slightly NSFW).

with Lex



Matthew and Brad

Fashion Junky

Lex Hotnuts

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Thanks for coming out last night. Fun times.
Mary’s dress by Vanessa. Vanessa’s and my dress by Mary Messhausen.

I wish I remembered all lyrics to Gartina’s songs. Yesterday, during “Vogue For Me” she sang about how she wants to travel to Africa to adopt black African babies. At the end of the song she chanted: Madonna, we forgive you for stealing Vogue.

Mary, Vanessa, me, Luis




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Saturday night started with a major fashion disaster. All the cab companies told us it would take half an hour to pick us up, so Mary, Prancey Boy, Golden Bag and me decided to walk to The Beaver. Mary had her Sunshower costume on, with a gold helium balloon attached to her cloud to represent the sun. It didn’t last long – an angry gust of wind took it away. Lesson learned: Don’t mess with the weather!

The rest of the night was fabulous thanks to all the wonderful dressed up craziness. Thank you all for partying.

Mary’s dress and mine by Mary Messhausen.
More pictures after the jump.

with Mary and Prancey Boy



Jaime and Any Winehouse

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The Nuts Just Keep On Coming

That was such a fun night. Thanks to all who came to party.

Keith Cole did his amazing twirls to Burning Up. And then, we got a surprise visit by Britney performing her hit single Gimme More. Pictures of her floor rolling, Red Bull and Cheetos soaked gig after the jump. Or check out the video.
I only wish I had a picture of our lovely door lady Bojana.
Pictures by Oliver, Ruth and Malo.

with Bernd
with Bernd, straight from Paris

Keith, Shanda, Oliver

luis and christabel



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Gay Friday

Friday night, Mary, Margot, Alex and I had tons of fun at The Beaver and The Gladstone. We hopped back and forth between places. Have a look at our Pride tour below.
Make-up by Margot.

More pics after the jump (NSFW).

Shanda and the oily legs
All hell broke loose when I grabbed Shanda’s oily legs

Mary and Juan
Mary and her new bf, The Juan Maclean
Mary told him: My name is Mary Messhausen, but you can call me Messy.
Next thing, she got his room number.

Just trying out new glasses
He was so kind to offer me a look through his glasses.
What I saw wasn’t ugly.

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Emo Moments

Thank you all for coming out last night, it was so much fun.

I think Gartina’s performance was the best of hers yet. After her android inspired lyrics last December, we were wondering what’s next on her list. She sang: “Fuck me with your broken computer.” We screamed for more.
Karl Lagerfeld’s Ponytail did a wonderful gig of their hits La Lohan and Ponytail.

Almost all pictures by Oliver.
More after the jump.


Karl Lagerfeld’s Ponytail

Christabel and Andrew
Christabel and Zsa Zsa


During Gartina’s performance

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Hotnuts T.O.

Pictures from Saturday’s Hotnuts (more after the jump). How I wish I was there.

Let me get you in the mood for the next hotness already. It looks like we will have an extra special lineup for Saturday, June 9. Birgit a.k.a. Bitz will be in town from Frankfurt, spinning the turntables with me.
Live performers are Karl Lagerfeld’s Ponytail, singing my personal favourite: La Lohan, and hopefully Gartina.





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Caution – May Contain Nuts

Thanks to all the hotty and nutty people for coming to the Beaver on Saturday.
More pictures after the jump.

Renee-Nay performing. Her rap is HOT.

Wedding dress by Mary Messhausen
Her bridal line will be called: Mary Messhausen Forever.
Click the picture for the after the party shot.

Mary and Maria
Mary wears Mary Messhausen
Maria goes massively futuristic (I love her Little Pony)

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So, the Städelparty. When Birgit and I arrived to play for the huge art crowd in an old warehouse in a suburb of Frankfurt, I said to the organizers and staff, that Birgit and I are lesbians (which is true). That provided an awkward and uneasy feeling in the first few minutes of the conversation as nobody knew what to do with that kind of information. We thought that was funny.

It was good to meet all the professors. The pictures are after the jump. I am not sure why I missed professor Mark Leckey, but no worries, we are myspace friends.

Here are all the pictures. Taken by Sabine Reitmaier.

B & P
Birgit and me behind the decks
(Photo by Carmen)

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The Return Of Sepia

Viola and I played some records at Alex’ Don’t Tell Mama Party last night. Kiki did a fierce performance to 2 songs. When I put the CD with her second song in, it felt like preparing for a Gartina number. The song was 11 minutes long. Turns out, it was a remix of a Mariah song. Loved it.
After the party at Bett, we went back to S and chillaxed till 7.

All the pictures after the jump.


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