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The Idler Wheel

Fiona Apple recently revealed the self-drawn, mega-ugly cover to her first album in seven years, which is supposed to drop June 26. I couldn’t be more excited and have listened to her last one, Extraordinary Machine on repeat. Remember the Not About Love video? It features everyone’s favourite gay-acting bear Zach Galifianakis lip-synching Fiona’s lyrics. Such fun!

Ms Apple is coming to Toronto July 4th. Tickets go on sale this Friday 4-20.


I’ve never seen a skank like her. Check out CHRISTEENE.
L O V E that she has D U M P written on her knuckles.

We’re fed big sugar-coated turds everyday on television and in the news and the magazines and we greedily eat it up like dirty babies. CHRISTEENE is giving you that stank turd without the diamond sugar on it. It’s the same thing. It’s the real thing. Eat it. (source)

Thx ShoSho

420 Fantasy

After I read the interview with Claire Boucher / Grimes (below) in which she mentions that she had a 4:20 Mariah Fantasy and that MC is her favourite singer, I couldn’t be skeptical any longer. And I mean about what? The Montreal native has just released a gay-impact video to the pop hit single Oblivion featuring her naturally high-pitched voice.

There is only one wish: In the last scene of the video, where Claire is wearing a hoodie and then turning around, facing the camera, wouldn’t it been cute if she wore a skull mask – as a reference to the Visions album cover?


On a side note: What is happening to me? I’m listening to more and more Canadian music. First The Weeknd, now Grimes. What’s next? Bieber?

Claire Boucher: (…) Mariah Carey is my favorite singer because her voice sounds utterly groundless. It’s not even a human voice; it almost sounds mechanical.

Pitchfork: How did you first get into Mariah?

Claire Boucher: In 2007 or 2008, I started listening to R&B on this road trip with my dad because we couldn’t agree on anything else. I smoked weed and listened to “Fantasy” and felt something I’d never felt before [laughs]– yeah, that makes me sound so ignorant. But then I slowly started gravitating more toward female singers, because I was able to relate. In medieval Christian thought, it was assumed that the better you were as a singer, the purer your heart was. I don’t necessarily think that’s true, but Mariah Carey has the voice of someone who has never done evil. (source)

I’m hungry

Apparently this is a well know joke in Bavaria and maybe all over Germany. Maybe worldwide?

My friend Sabs made me listen to Wuthering Heights today and said listen closely, right after the chorus you can hear Kate sing in German:

“Ich steh’ im Cafe und hab’ Hunger”

I will never hear it differently. Too funny.
Are there any more secret German messages in English pop songs? I’m intrigued.

“Heathcliff, it’s me, Cathy, I’ve come home”

Coming Up

Coming Up

Coming Up is a disco funk US & Canadian number one single released by Paul McCartney in the spring of 1980. I got into it when I found a disco re-edit by Justus K the other day. The video features 10 Paul and 2 Linda McCartneys and a drum kit print of “Plastic Mac Band” poking fun at John Lennon’s and Yoko Ono’s “Plastic Ono Band”. I’ve never been into the former Beatles music or his humor but here we go.

Watch the video

Coming Up

I Am What I Am

I first saw this clip when Cody Critcheloe of SSION tweeted it two weeks ago. Forgot about it and remembered today.

This afternoon I thought, it would be genius to have Ke$ha at Hotnuts with her vapid lyrics and exactly this performance. On the other hand, the tiny German flags on the backup dancers’ outfits make me want to roll my eyes into the back of my head. Or to quote a line from the song: “Our bodies going numb.” But I don’t want to let these things take the great camp of the performance away from me.

Related & recommended: Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and the Great Gay-Pander-Off of 2010

Fun Girl

J6! YAY!

And while we wait for the new Mariah video (please scroll down), why not watch Jessica 6 – Fun Girl. J6 consists of Morgan Wiley, Andrew Raposo and Nomi Ruiz, who could also be heard on the Hercules & Love Affair single, You Belong. If you’ve ever seen H&LA live, you know what a great stage presence Nomi has.

Anyways, here is a free download of the sexy dreamy disco Worldwarwater version of Fun Girl, which clocks in at just under 13 minutes. Love it.
And the Jessica 6 debut album is planned for this spring.

p.s. Why hasn’t anyone told me about Jessica 6 before?
Apparently my girlfriends over at have covered them for awhile.
And yes, I already follow Nomi on twitter.


The pictures from the video shoot to the next Mariah single “Up Out My Face” look very promising. I mean, Mimi and featured rapper Nikki Minaj as dolls, what more can you ask for? Do I have to mention that it is one of my favourite songs of the album?

The song is going to be a single from the Memoirs remix album, which is dropping on February 23.

February is going to be a crazy Mariah month. She is going to perform in Toronto on Feb 9 as part of the Angels Advocate Tour. And Mary Messhausen and myself have front row tickets. I guess I will need to wear diapers, cause I will surely wet myself with some butterfly juice nectar.

UOMF boy - videoshoot

Bits & Pieces

You first saw Twista, Vixen and Snoopy of the House of Monroe at our Hotnuts Pride party in June. They set the night on fire with their drops.

Now, the three hotties are in the new Junior Boys video, Bits and Pieces.
Check it out below & some backstage pictures.

Directed by Stephanie Comilang
Outfits by Mary Messhausen
Make Up by Miss Margot

Work it, girls!

Miss Margot doing Snoopy

Snoopy, all did

Lass uns Liebe sein

Hier ist nun endlich die erste Solosingle und das dazugehörige Video “Lass uns Liebe sein” (Let Us Be Love) von Jochen Distelmeyer. Nachdem mir “Wohin mit dem Hass?” doch etwas zu aggro war, geht’s hier in gluecklicheren Tönen weiter. Und wer hätte gedacht, dass JD nochmal mit den jungen Leuten tanzt? Herzerfrischend jugendlich.
Und als Zugabe gibt es noch ein Interview.

(Danke superschum)

“Einsam sein ist keine Kunst.”

Nuevo Gossip

One of my favourite disco songs from Music for Men by Gossip now has a video full of giant balloon heads on roller skates. I only wish they had a jam packed roller skating ring at the end.

Also, check out the cut up, classic house remix by Riva Starr. If this is not enough Beth Ditto for you, listen to her as she hits the high notes on Simian Mobile Disco’s Cruel Intentions.

Let Us Be Love

Jochen: Lass uns Liebe sein

Oh, she looks just like a gay. Sorry, I had to let it out.

Of course, Jochen Diestelmeyer is just in gay drag, but I’m so excited to hear new songs after his band Blumfeld faded away in 2007.

JD’s new album “Heavy” will be out September 25, the single “Lass uns Liebe sein” (Let us be Love) hits stores September 4 and is online now should be onläne pretty soon. With titles like that, it has to be good. (via Spex)

In the meantime, watch Blumfeld’s classic “Tausend Tränen Tief” (Thousand Tears Deep) featuring Helmut Berger below.

In a Thunderstorm

Gentleman Reg’s video to his dancy new single “We’re in a Thunderstorm” has just been released. The song is going to stick in your head, believe me.

I’m so glad G-Man is stepping out of the indie rock corner & giving us some fresh air. The clip features lots of Toronto Queen West peoples including the wonderful Fay Slift aka Ladybear Extraordinaire.

And in case you were wondering why Mary and Proddy are not in the video: we were to drunk to show up, totally confused we headed to Queen East, looking for the shooting location. Doh.

As always, I’m hoping for a pumping deep house remix. Get the Thunderstorm source files of the song and submit your mix to Arts&Crafts. Make it work.

Interview with Gentleman Reg at
Fay Slift at Hotnuts

T is for Tranny Chaser

After the success of RuPaul’s Drag Race (best reality TV show ever), the lady is back with a new album, Champion, available now on the interwebs.

Below is some behind the scenes footage for the video to my favourite song on the album, Tranny Chaser. It’s like the trannies of Poak Chops. Can’t wait for the full clip.

Just because you want me… that don’t make you gay
Every time you watch me… that don’t make you gay
Do you wanna be me… that don’t make you gay
Or do you wanna f@#& me… that don’t make you gay

via Rupaul

New Clips: Mariah & Deichkind

Just catching up on the new music videos that have been released during the last couple of days.

Here’s Mariah’s new clip. Or better The-Dream featuring Mariah in My Love. The intro has Mariah and TD fighting over da dough. Mimi: “You wanna make it about the bills? It’s all about the bills now.”

And there are out takes of the fighting scene, posted my Mariah’s husband. TD: “You with your fake Louis Vuitton belt on. With your fake Gucci shoes on.”

The new Deichkind video is again directed by the brilliant Alex & Liane. This time, they have hired a bunch of male plastic models to lipsync the song Luftbahn (Airway as in We’re driving with the airway through the night). The übergay models show of their gym bodies later in the clip, using Nutella to write Yes and No on their robo-skin. There are Joe Dallesandro references & super cute animals. WATCH IT.

In very sad news Deichkind’s producer, Sebastian Hackert, responsible for the kids sound, passed away in February. The band has not yet decided if they are going to continue Deichkind.

Earlier: Deichkind – Arbeit Nervt

Arbeit Nervt

One of my favourite German bands, Deichkind is returning with a new album in October. The record and first single are called Arbeit Nervt (Work Sucks). DikeKid are hailing from Hamburg and started out as a Hip-Hop combo before venturing to their current, more electro based sound.

With their new single Deichkind are again on the border of hick-ness (Prolltum) and party alarm.

The video for Arbeit Nervt is by Alex and Liane, who worked with Bloc Party, The Ting Tings and also did the excellent Deichkind video for Ich betäube mich (I’m narcotizing myself)

Watch Arbeit Nervt and see how much fun beer cans provide.
The HQ clip is currently unavailable on AlexandLiane’s site.
(via spex tweet)



Geh’ du do ma lieber hin für misch.

Mary & Maddy: A Match Made in Hair-ven?

Mary in Lanvin

Ok. This be crazy. It looks like Mary Messhausen shaved her head just to be in Madonna’s latest video Give It 2 Me.

My dear friend Mary left Germany a week ago and now I make this disturbing discovery. She hadn’t told me about it, because she knows I love long hair. Always have. Now, you tell me, who rocked the Lanvin sunglasses better: Mary Messhausen with short or long hair?

Dress You Up

I’ve been doing some Madonna research lately (more on that later) and came across this short clip of Madonna performing Dress You Up at Keith Haring’s Party of Life in May 1984 at the Paradise Garage, almost 6 months before the Like A Virgin album was released.

By Keith Haring (source):
“In the spring of 1984, it’s time for my birthday, and I stage what I call my Party of Life event. I want to make this into quite a grand affair. The fact is, I’m now making a certain amount of money and I feel a certain guilt about it, and I want to share it with my friends… you know, sharing the wealth! So I plan this big party, which is for my birthday, but not on my birthday.

I ask Madonna if she could sing at the party and she agrees. As a matter of fact, she had been to my studio just days earlier to play me some cuts from her new album ‘Like A Virgin.’, at which time hadn’t come out yet. I immediately liked “Dress You Up” and “Like a Virgin”, and we decide she’ll sing these two songs at the party. While we’re hearing these songs, I do a painting on Madonna’s leather jacket which she wears to the party. Madonna decides that she wants to sing these two songs on a brass bed covered with frilly material and strewn with white roses.

I decide to hold the party at Paradise Garage, because it continues to be my clubhouse and the coolest club in New York. Although only open weekends, I persuade the owner to let me hire the club out on a Wednesday night. I now ask LAII ( and myself and other friends of Keith ) to help me decorate the place. We make these huge cotton banners, which we spray paint in fluorescent colors. We hang these around the club. We also hang fluorescent streamers everywhere, and in another room we erect these huge fluorescent pillars and vases with flowers in them. We also hang some of my huge vinyl tarps so that the event also turns into a big exhibition.” (Read the full text)

The flyers for the event can be found here


Erykah Badu is on every cover in her new video for the single Honey. She does her take on Nas, Grace Jones, Ohio Players, Diana Ross, Eric B. & Rakim, Minnie Riperton, the classic Yoko Ono and John Lennon Rolling Stone cover and many more. There is also an Andre 3000 Hey Ya interlude. Check it out. (updated)

Gimme some Honey

I’m feeling Erykah’s version of Head to The Sky by Earth, Wind & Fire

Cha Cha Heels

Originally written by Bronski Beat for the late Divine, Cha Cha Heels was recorded by Eartha Kitt in 1989. Watch the video. There are even some classic Divine lines taken from Female Trouble: “I’m all dressed up and ready to fall in love.”

Cha Cha Heels
Gimme gimme Cha Cha Heels

On a side note, Jimmy Sommerville had left the Bronski Beat in 1985 for The Communards. Thanks S.

Harsh with Fruity Undertones

Went to a Karaoke bar on Saturday night with Margot, Kevin, Mary and Uwe. We rented a private room. The room had black light, wallpaper with blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Mary and I did secret shots every time we got drinks for all. The bartender asked us if we wanted harsh or light shots. Mary said: “Harsh with fruity undertones”, on which he only rolled his eyes. We went with harsh.

At one point we all sang Bag Lady by Erykah Badu. So much fun.
Watched a lot of Erykah videos yesterday. Still, one of my favourites is Next Lifetime featuring Andre 3000, Pete Rock and Method Man.
Erykah’s 4th studio album, The Kabah, is scheduled for spring 2008.

Next Lifetime

Chateau Mama

We love all things Mama here at like Party Mamas and of course Lil’ Mama. She came straight out of Brooklyn and had that poppin’ Lipgloss.

Now, she lives in a chateau. Chateau Mama. Lil’ Mama has a new video with the title that looks like she took it from math class: G-Slide / Tour Bus. It’s a fun little ditty from the forthcoming album Voice of the Young People.

Lil Chateau Mama

p.s. Please don’t ask why suddenly it’s “we” at We don’t know either.
p.s.s. Please don’t judge me for my latest flickr photos. Don’t you like pavilions?


Crybaby is a Mariah treat from 2000 that I listened to on my way to the countryside today. I remembered the video and had to watch it the minute I came back to my place.

Taken from the double A sided single with Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme), Crybaby is not exactly one of her high charting hits. It’s got a classic video nonetheless and is a fan favourite.

The video is mostly a 1 to 1 (ist nicht vorbei) visualization of the lyrics and has a couple of Mariah diva moments.

5 am
“So it’s 5 am
And I still can’t sleep”

“Took some medicine
But it’s not working”

Tippy Toes
“Late at night like a little child
Wandering ’round alone
In my new friend’s home
On my tippy toes”

“Sipping Bailey’s Cream
By the stereo
Trying to find relief
On the radio”

It gets really dramatic after this point: There is lots of spillage and broken glass. Oreo’s are cracking on the floor, nail polish is dripping. Absolutely Crybaby. Watch it now.






Overpowered II

I’m kinda slow this Friday evening and Roisin Murphy is on a fashion roll. Just a few minutes after finding out about the single cover, here is the video to Overpowered (real, youtube). It seems Roisin is over V&R already, riding the 283 bus, doing her laundry and taking a piss in a lovely Gareth Pugh ensemble. I so want to be like her.

“Alien feelings we have to accept.” (via)


MMMM 7 inch

It seems like in the UK and London for that matter, the 7 inch single is still alive and kicking. When I went record shopping, a lot of the new releases where available as vinyl singles.
Lured by the cute cover I snatched up a copy of My Moon My Man by Feist which was released last week. I hadn’t heard the B-side, the Boys Noize Classic Remix of the song, which is also going to be featured on the Kitsuné Maison 4 compilation out in June. I was not disappointed as the vocoder vocals and hand claps add a welcome aggressiveness & messiness to the dance floor.
Stream the remix at Boys Noize myspace or hype.

After I sent the link to shimbulak, he told me that Will played it at Hotnuts and totally rocked the house. Right so.

The video has been making the rounds on the interwebs, so by now you probably have seen the amazing My Moon My Man clip, shot at Toronto Pearson airport:

MMMM: the moves
Shed some light on me, please

No Limit

By now, I guess, you all have listened to Björk’s new single, Earth Intruders and its Timbaland beat (if not, you can find it through iTunes or hype or here). What do you think?

I was a bit reluctant at first, maybe I still am. In a way it sounds like 2 or 3 songs in one, plus the kindergarten piano and the overall aggressiveness. Anyhow, it made me laugh (in a good way).

Volta video podcast

Be sure to watch Björk in the Volta video podcast including an interview and behind the scenes footage.


One more Björk thing: I adore her live cover of No Limit by 2 Unlimited.
She should record a studio version of the track.

Aus dem Bauarbeitermilieu

h. aus f. sent the link to the video by Azis that he found at
It’s very sweaty and most important, it’s set in the Bauarbeitermileu. Don’t you love seeing nice work being done?

Soooo, who’s going to travel to Bulgaria with me this summer to have a look at some of the countries magnificent Thracian monuments?

Who’s that girl?

Gonna make you sweat
Whose titty is it?


Continuing with the knife theme.

There has been a lot of talk about this clip on videos.antville and right so.
I am a bit reluctant to post guitar oriented music but if there is such a video?
Who wants to stand by her word all the time?
Ah, can’t you feel the knife?

Grizzly Bear – Knife
Directed by Encyclopedia Pictura

hi-res quicktime via stereogum

With every blow comes another lie

(two words no one needs in the comments: matthew barney)

JT For You

Birgit and I got close to one hundred requests for Justin Timberlake at the Städelparty.
Here he is in his newest video for What Goes Around … Comes Around, written by Nick Cassavetes, starring Scarlett Johansson.

This is the 9 minutes directors cut, supposedly there is a 34 minute version coming out later. Don’t mess with JT.

“What are you gonna do to entertain me?” asks Scarlett in the opening dialog.

lick it good

Who Is It?

Is Kelis wearing Gareth Pugh in her new video, Lil’ Star?
It could be a custom made cross between this and that.

And don’t you all think that Kelis looks increasingly like Morris Day (pictured below), lead singer of the Prince protégé band The Time?


Is it?

Kelis, what time is it?
One of my favourite album covers. The Time was 1982.
Pointy mouth. Love it. Have to practice that look.
Check out Morris’ early 90ties Kelis look in Jerk Out.

Pugh vs. Bowery

Think I’m In Love II

In case you missed Think I’m In Love on Beck’s myspace, here it is again.
His new album, The Information is out next week and I like it a lot.

Beck is going to be in Toronto on October 16. I’m so going.

Last night, I listened to Graffiti Bridge by Prince for the first time in years. I think it is one of the worst Prince songs. I really enjoyed listening:

Everybody wants 2 find Graffiti Bridge
Something 2 believe in, a reason 2 believe that there’s a heaven above
Everybody wants 2 find Graffiti Bridge
Everybody’s looking 4
Everybody’s looking 4
Everybody’s looking 4 love

Think Love

My Nose Is Open Wide

I know, this is really old news.
BUT I just love the Morris Brown song & video by Outkast so much.

The video has it all: colored dogs, a marching band in the back of the car, roller coaster rides, flower faces, little people with tv heads. I want to live in this wonderland, NOW. And I am in love with the voice of Scar, the singer crooning the refrain. His debut album, Scar’d for life, should be out by the end of this year.

My heart is like a marching band
I’m a fan in the stands
Yes I am and I’m hollerin’ hey baby

My nose is open so wide (so wide, yeah)
Lookin’ at you such a pretty sight (so wide, yeah)

Still, I haven’t seen the movie Idlewild.

flower me happy

koi effect?

I love me them pink dogs

wau. wow.

rindin' in the cadillac

Think I’m In Love

cell phone's not dead, yet

Head over to Beck’s myspace and watch the trashy new video, Think I’m in Love, the first single from the forthcoming new album, which is produced by Nigel Godrich. Their previous work includes Sea Changes and Mutations. However, this record should have more hip-hop influences.

The next video is directed by Michel Gondry. The black-and-white clip for Cell Phone’s Dead has already been shot and is now in post production. It will look like a one-take video, but it will certainly not be one; there is a conscious effort to make the surreal real.
Very mysterious.

I love Vignettes

Mariah’s Vignettes

I never heard about vignettes until yesterday but I love them. Apparently Mariah is shooting vignettes for her upcoming Adventures of Mimi tour and Spike Lee is directing. For me, this is a dream come true. One of my favourite directors and MC. The vignettes will make fun of Mariah:

Mariah: It’s kinda like a play on the diva image.
Spike: You know, about her tight dresses, brests hanging out, she had a nervous breakdown, all that stuff.
Mariah: Yes, Jack (her dog) is part of the vignettes.
Download the clip (via)


Mommy’s husband dies of a heart attack but she has to feed the kids and wants to keep the standard of living. She starts selling weed in the Californian suburbs.

That’s the set up for the tv series Weeds, of which I watched the first season on DVD recently. It has some cliches that I don’t want to argue about, still I love the humor and the stiffness with which the characters interact.
From the first episode on, I thought that Nancy (the mommy) was going to hook up with Conrad but to no avail.

Season one had its unexpected highlight when Conrad (Romany Malco, US born son of a West Indian family) stands topless in the kitchen. For no other reason than his immense level of handsomeness.


Ciara – Get Up

It sounds like 1, 2 Step and the video reminds me of Janet’s Rhythm Nation era with a bit of pumping skyscraper lights a la Kylie blended in. The clip is kind of long winded but I’m into it anyway. And I love how Cüara (that’s how I like to pronounce her in German) counts in Japanese during the break. Ichi, ni, san.

1, 2 step, get up

Biz and the Jets

I just found this wonderful rendition of Bennie and the Jets by my man Biz Markie. It’s from Chris Rock Show a few years back. Biz does everything right during his performance and is on the floor at the end. Just look at his Mariah-like arm and hand gesture. This is pure joy and I was in tears after I watched it for the first time.

There is another version of Bennie by Biz Markie on the Beastie Boys Greatest Hits, The Sounds of Silence. It sounds like a live version, but the claps and audience might have been added in the studio, just as Elton John did it on the original. Anyway, it is kind of hilarious as he forgets the lyrics and babbles along.

If you haven’t seen any of the old school Biz Markie videos, there are plenty on youtube. My all time favourites are Let Me Turn You On and Just A Friend.

B B B B B Bennie!
Bennie And The Jets

Let Me Help You
His twirls and curls are perfect in Let Me Turn You On

Adorable Biz
Just A Friend

double trouble

double pleasureYou know I love me some Kanye. Here he is in the video to Pharrell’s new single, Number One. When I see them together I imagine they are a gay power couple, singing their number one tune to each other.
The video is directed by Hype Williams but kind of langweilig. I love the cheapo lensflares, nonetheless.
I get butterflies when I hear Kanye’s voice. Number One. Smashing. Tell me how you lo that. Summer hit.

doggie pleasureIn Drive Slow, Kanye’s own new single, he looks like a little doggy, cruising. I bet he is a naughty little doggy. Woof.
I wish this video had some lensflares, but I guess you can’t have it all.

Martha, I Love You

Hot Pink MarthaI don’t remember how I was introduced to her. But I believe it was through V., whom I now think of as my first boyfriend. V. was an american soldier, based in Butzbach near Frankfurt and listened to the freshest US american r&b and house music. This was back in 1993, the Martha Wash album (and until today her only proper solo effort) had just been released. When we drove to Butzbach, it was blaring out of the speakers. I was in love. And shocked at first, thinking that my friends would judge me, because at that time the music sounded gayer than gay gayness to me. But I couldn’t help it. I was hooked.

Just fyi, after he dumped me, I never went back to the Butzbach army barracks, but I listened to Martha:
I have replayed the memories of you in my mind
Where you just killing time?
(Now That You’re Gone)

This album not only became one of my all time favorites, featuring fantastic vocal house (with some of the production by Todd Terry), soulful ballads, r&b and pop. With Give It To You it has one of my favorite videos ever. Directed by Marcus Nispel, who is probably best known for George Michael’s Killer/Papa Was A Rolling Stone clip, the video is pure delight. Miss Wash wiggles and giggles herself through the tasty hunks. It’s a bit blurry on youtube, but I have been waiting for ages for it to show up.

Martha started her career together with Izora Armstead as back up singers for disco-drag-diva Sylvester. They called themselves Two Tons of Fun, released two albums, changed their name to The Weather Girls and we all know what happened next.

At the beginning of the 90ties Martha appeared on a lot of records but was hardly seen. She was deemed to fat to appear in the promo pictures and videos by italo-piano-house-group Black Box. If you knew Martha’s voice, you recognized her from the first second by listening to Strike It Up, I Don’t Know Anybody Else or Everybody, Everybody. She is also behind some C & C Music Factory hits, such as Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).
Only after she sued all of them, she got proper credit and a record contract which lead to her triumphant solo release. The three singles Carry On, Give It To You and Runaround shot to the top of the US american dance charts. The album features a cover version of the Two Tons Of Fun slow jam classic, Just Us, reworked into a dance floor anthem cut in two: Just Us (Dancin’) and Just Us (Singin’).

Give It To Me, hunWhen I moved to Toronto, I forgot to put Martha on my iPod, but suddenly I felt a heavenly urge to hear MW. I went to the next best used record store and as it is with a lot of great CDs, they are available in the cut-out bin. For a second I wanted to complain: This album is too good to be sold for $3, you have to sell it for $50 or even $500.

In the meantime I have been listening to the 14 gems quite often. As I am so in love with Martha’s immaculate, powerful & soulful voice, the album and the production doesn’t sound dated to me. Maybe it isn’t. Of course, I love the lyrics too. Everything.

Martha released a 12″, You Lift Me Up, last year on her own label, Purple Rose. I heard she is working on a full length album. You know I can’t wait.

Buy Martha’s solo album: ca / de
Martha Wash official page

So when you’re searching for that rainbow
I will help you find it
(Someone Who Believes In You)

Ink my ass

Miami ink me.

Miami Ink is my new favourite TV show. It’s about this tattoo salon in Miami beach. The show is really fantastic. The customers tell a story why the want to get tattooed: For their album release they get the cover art, to remind them of friends and relatives, people choose family pictures, cartoon characters, flowers and a former drag queen gets her drag persona on his manly leg. I feel for the people. It’s deep.
One more good thing: Most of the girls coming to the salon fall in love with her tattooer. I’m totally feeling it.

I need some tats! NOW. Not sure who should do it, ’cause I definitely want to fall in love and check out the back of the salon. Darren Brass seems to be the best choice. “His teddy-bear looks have eased many a first-time client.”
Yes, he could ease my pain away. Yes.

So I have been thinking alot about my tattoo lately. What to get? What to get? Suddenly the music video, that changed my life, came to mind. Dreamlover by Mariah. It made me a fan. Ever since I saw the clip I wanted to live this dream. My friends, my pony, my dog, a hot-air balloon, nature, water, green grass, dancing. This is so me.
And to give the tattoo more of an edge, some images from the Butterfly video can only help. For sure.

Putting this all together the best ink would be a pony tail tattooed on my back. I will bring the little sketches I’ve drawn to the beauty salon. And maybe in the background of the tail a mural with images inspired by the videos. I would ask Kat von D to do a sketch and then decide on the spot. She is the coolest of the guys. I love her.
Now, head over to the Miami Ink shop and get me a koi t-shirt. You know how I love koi. Ink my ass!

Ink my ass.

Try the inky video links: one | two | three


I am a little bit addicted to The streaming videos made my Sunday.

Reno 911

Here are some clips of my favourite comedy TV series, Reno 911:
Jim Dangle buying new boots
Sky diver
Assistance call with a dog

Kate Bush

Rocket Man music video
This is one of my favourite Kate videos ever. Another evidence that a wind machine is always good.

Kate performing Kite and Wuthering Heights live at German TV show, Bio’s Bahnhof, February 1978
Love her dancing at the end of Kite. She wears the same dress at this rare “Red Dress Version” of the Wuthering Heights music video, filmed in the woods. Youtube has a lot of TV apperances by Kate, just do a search.

Pete Burns

Pete moves into the Celebrity Big Brother UK house. Auch etwas krass.
There are more BB clips of him. He is the best.

Mariah Carey

MTV Cribs – Part I, II and III
Her famous MTV cribs episode. Don’t miss her shoe room in part III.


Electric Intercourse
Live performance at First Avenue, Minneapolis on August 3rd 1983. Electric intercourse is a Purple Rain outtake and has never been released on any album. I love this song.

Vanity 6 – He’s So Dull
I’ve written about the video a few weeks ago.

MC Froggy – My Dumps

This is not on but on Peaches MySpace profile. On Friday night, I’ve been to the last monthly Vazaleen party. We had a great night and the DJ played this super version of My Humps. Enjoy.

The Breakthrough

It ain't easy being MJBIch freue mich immer riesig, wenn eine neues Mary J. Blige Album veröffentlicht wird. Diesen Freitag kommt The Breakthrough (in Nordamerika erst am 20.12.). Zuerst war das Album für November geplant, dann wurde es auf 2006 verschoben und vor Weihnachten sollte ein Greatest Hits kommen. Jetzt kommt glücklicherweise doch das neue Material!

Zwei Songs habe ich gehört und sind auf iPod repeat. Und zwar die erste US-Radiosingle “MJB da MVP“, welches auf den Beats von Hate It Or Love It von The Game beruht. The Game und 50 Cent rappen. Mary besingt ihre Karriere in Form ihrer Alben und Songtitel. Ganz großartig geht es um ihre Lieblingsthemen, Realness und Anerkennung:

Then I dropped the ’Mary’ album
And people would say that
It’s just not gonna work
And my feelings they did hurt
But my fans showed me so much love
And I owe it all to them

Das Konzept, den Beat von einem aktuellen Hip Hop Track zu nehmen und einen Mary Song daraus zu machen, gab es auch vor ihrem letzten Album. Hooked hieß die phantastische Version von 50 Cents In Da Club.

Die neue Single, Be Without You (das Bild stammt aus dem Video zum Song), ist ein super Mary Lovesong.
Die Geste auf dem Bild erinnert mich an ein Konzert von der Queen Of Hip Hop Soul, dass ich vor ein paar Jahren in Hamburg besucht habe. Mit einer ähnlichen Handbewegung beteuerte sie: “It ain’t easy being Mary J. Blige!”. Sie hat ihre struggles und ich hatte sie endgültig ins Herz geschlossen.

Mehr Mary: MTV Throwback Feature, in dem sie ihre eigenen Alben reviewt.

Vanity 6

Zuerst sollten sie The Hookers heißen. Brenda und Susan waren schon in der Band. Dann kam Denise Matthews. Ihr wurde der Name Vanity verpaßt und aus dem Trio wurde Vanity 6.
Und obwohl sie nur ein Album in 1982 veröffentlicht haben, sind sie immer noch eine meiner Lieblings-Girlbands. Sexuell verführerisch, volle Kontrolle und Girlpower.
Da vor allem der Song Nasty Girl oft gesamplet oder zitiert wurde, so hat man auf jeden Fall indirekt von der Band gehört (z.B. Britney – I’m A Slave For You und Boys, beide produziert von den Neptunes). Der Sound der Linn LM-1 drum machine ist so gut, erzeugt den besten Electro-Pop und ist unverkennbar.

Vanity 6Vanity, I love your lipgloss

Der Look von Vanity 6 ist natürlich großartig. Es gibt drei Videos, zu Nasty Girl, Drive Me Wild und He’s So Dull. Letzteres ist das Beste. Vanity, Brenda und Susan sehen spitze aus, tanzen vor rosa und hellblauen Wänden, die Windmaschine läuft und sie haben tolle Moves. Dazu singen sie:

He’s always callin’ on the telephone (Brenda rollt die Augen, siehe Bild)
He won’t go out without a chaperone
Cuz he’s so afraid 2 be alone with me

He’s so dull, still livin’ with his mother
He’s so dull and he won’t get anywhere with me


Prince hatte sich das Trio ausgedacht und auch dadurch ist es etwas ironisch. Ganz wunderbar ist If A Girl Answers (Don’t Hang Up), in dem Vanity bei ihrem Ex-Freund anruft und die neue Freundin (gesprochen von Prince) abhebt. 5 Minuten bitchyness.
Vanity entschließt sich vor den Dreharbeiten zu Purple Rain, die Band zu verlassen. Eine neue Frontfrau, Patricia Kotero, springt ein und aus Vanity 6 wird Apollonia 6.


Ich würde so gerne alle Texte des Albums posten. Ich mag den Humor und die Attitude. OK, noch zwei Auszüge:

My made-up name is Vanity cuz a girl’s best friend’s her pride
And a working girl don’t have 2 tolerate the mailman’s tricks
(3 x 2 = 6)

Ooh, look at me, I’m a radio
Call me up, make a request
I’ll do anything, just name it
When I’m bad, baby, I’m the best
(Drive Me Wild)

The Closet

Trapped!Rufus & ChuckCathy

Ich bin sehr begeistert von R. Kelly’s Urban Musical Drama, Trapped In The Closet. Schon der Titel ist sehr gut. Es handelt sich um 5 Videoclips, von denen jeder einen Cliffhanger hat. R. Kelly singt die vollen 20 Minuten des Musicals selbst, die Darsteller bewegen die Lippen zu seinem Gesang. Sowas mag ich schon immer! Der Minifilm ist auf der Homepage von R. Kelly (unter Video) zu sehen und als Bonus DVD zum Album erhältlich.

Spoileralarm: Besonders gut finde ich den dritten Teil, den da wird es etwas homosexuell. Rufus bringt seinen Freund Chuck ins Spiel, nachdem er R. Kelly bei seiner Frau Cathy im Wandschrank entdeckt hat:

Cathy: “Okay you busted me! And that much I agree, you caught me cheatinggg! But this is a little extreme!”
Rufus: “You are my wife sleeping behind my back. And now I come home and you got him in the closet, how extreme is that?!”
Cathy: “But she’s a he!”
Rufus: “Please, you can’t judge me”
Cathy: “But this is crazy!”

Chuck screamed out, “We’re in love!”
Cathy says, “Love my ass!”
Rufus said they’re getting married then I shoot one in the air!

Auf habe ich gestern gelesen, dass R. Kelly die Dreharbeiten der Teile 6 bis 10 begonnen hat. Ich kann es kaum abwarten, die Fortsetzung zu sehen.
In den Teilen 1 bis 5 irritiert nur die extreme Machohaftigkeit und das Pistolenrumgefuchtele von R. Kelly, aber das gehört anscheinend zum Genre.

1997 hat R. Kelly in dem Duet Be Careful mit Sparkle den Grundstein für sein Urban Musical Drama gelegt. In dem Song singt er in der zweiten Strophe die Gegendarstellung:
Sparkle: 2 years ago, promises is all I heard, wait a minute, let me finish.
Now you wanna walk away boy, and tear down the walls in this house
R. Kelly: 2 years ago, didn’t know you had male friends, wait a minute, let me finish.
I found out you’re still reaching out to some of them, Mrs. Busy Body


lashes! Und ich hatte gehofft, Fischerspooner sind durch. Nachdem ich sie vor ein paar Jahren im Robert-Johnson gesehen hatte, war ich zumindest davon überzeugt. Naja, das neue Video ist zu dem besten Song aus dem aktuellen Album, was aber eigentlich auch nix heisst, da Mirwais an mehreren Liedern mitgearbeitet hat.

In dem Never Win Video, ist Clowing / Krumping als Modestil angekommen. Sehr guter Style! Überhaupt sind in dem Clip sehr viele Stile zu sehen und mir gefällt natürlich, dass die Bilder so gut auf die Musik geschnitten sind.

Auch auf die Gefahr hin, dass die produzentin zu einer David Lachapelle Fanseite wird, sein Film Rize kommt im Sommer in den USA in die Kinos. Eine Dokumentation über Clowing / Krumping. Ich bin sehr gespannt und schaue mir bis dahin gerne David’s Mariah Bilder an. Because, pink is the new black!