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AgreeLA with You

Just came back from a trip to LA and Las Vegas. We took a sound bath at the Integratron and the Mariah concert. Both of them should be combined, really.

our bodies brought us here

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And then I got Grafitti Bridge on vinyl just because it works so well with the book cover of photos of Elizabeth Taylor’s house by Catherine Opie.


just asking #glambily

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Can’t Let Go of Anti-Bleak

My first purchase of 2013 are two colours of the Mariah Carey and OPI nail polish collection. Obviously 2013 is off to a great start!

I went for Can’t Let Go and Anti-Bleak. Can’t Let Go features liquid sand and the tiny sparkles are looking hot. The picture of the bottle is a little bit misleading as Can’t Let Go really is more of a purple shimmer.
And Ani-Bleak is so yummy it makes me want to lick my plum coloured finger tips every twelve minutes.

To keep the joy coming I’ll buy two more colours soon: Sprung and The Impossible. I’ll keep you updated. Btw, I’m really into liquid sand right now.