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Not Without My Pug

My not-so-secret pug obsession is running into ovHERdrive. I bought German literature: Nicht ohne meinen Mops, you guessed it: Not Without My Pug. Es ist ein “WG-Roman”; all about the Turbulenzen of sharing a flat. The pug in the book is called “Earl of Cockwood”, and of course belongs to a faggy fag. Coincidence?

Tanja found her dream apartment in downtown Stuttgart. Too bad she can’t afford it by herself and so she’s hosting a casting for flat mates. Tanja decides on Chris, a florist who works at a call centre and Rolf, a mailman who moves in with his pug “Earl of Cockwood”. Tanja is head over heels for these guys. Of course she is the last to know that Chris and Rolf are becoming a couple.

Not Without My Pug

Thanks Zesty.

Got The Bossypants


I just finished Tina Fey’s fun memoir, anecdote collection Bossypants. If you’re watching 30 Rock, you’re definitly going to be reminded of Liz Lemon in some parts. One of the best chapters is “Amazing, Gorgeous, Not Like That” in which Tina goes on about photo shoots for magazines and Photoshop:

“Do I think Photoshop is being used excessively? Yes. I saw Madonna’s Louis Vuitton ad and honestly, at first glance, I thought it was Gwen Stefani’s baby.
Do I worry about overly retouched photos giving women unrealistic expectations and body image issues? I do. I think that we will soon see a rise in anorexia in women over seventy. Because only people over seventy are fooled by Photoshop.”
“Why can’t we accept the human form as it is?” screams no one. I don’t know why, but we never have. That’s why people wore corsets and neck stretchers and powdered wigs.
If you’re going to expend energy being mad about Photoshop, you’ll also have to be mad about earrings. No one’s ears are that sparkly! They shouldn’t have to be!

Spot the differences!

About the 4-Ohh

The Rei Kawakubo chapter is one of the best in John Waters’ book Role Models (published in May). These few black and white pages have caused considerable damage over hurrr. I mean, not that I didn’t crave Comme des Garçons before, but now, the flood gates of hell (aka my purse) are wide open. I simply can not resist a CdG item any more (just spare me the CdG Play line).

Ok, here is one of the crucial paragraphs. And what I believe is also very important: You can never start too early. Gobble up some torn & combusted CdG BEFORE you hit the big 4-ohhh:

You don’t need fashion designers when you are young (…). But past the age of 40, you need all the help you can get. Now is the time for designers, and believe me, Rei Kawakubo has made it possible for older people to be as fashion daring as the young. “Too rich, too nuts?” Yesiree, these are Rei’s customers, and we are proud to be her cult members on “Planet Rei”. Rei Kawakubo was “the first to make polyester cost more than silk,” the model Linda Evangelista told me when I met her at a film festival in France. Rei is not a fashion designer; she is a magician.

The chapter about his friendship with Leslie van Houten is available at HuffPost.

Role Models

The Magic Begins …

… at home.

When Toffi and I stayed at the Mirage in Las Vegas, we were of course a little sad that we couldn’t experience the magic that is Siegfried & Roy. Guess we came a couple of years too late.

Anyways, we had a great time visiting the Secret Garden of Siegfried & Roy with all the wild animals. In the little shopette by the zoo I found the book “The Magic Begins At Home” by S&R. The style is a good companion to the Michael Jackson auction catalogue.

More pictures after the jump, the full glory is on flickr.

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On -itits

Ok, I thought I would not use this word again, but here we go:

Fotzeritis [vulg.], German
I guess it translates into English as “cuntitis”. Heard it first a couple of years ago from the dearest CvB, also known as the wife of the professorin.

Now recently, I got Annie Leibovitz At Work as a present. On the book jacket there is a quote by Annie that reads:

“The first thing I did with my very first camera was climb Mt.Fuji.”

Sounds like the perfect example of fotzeritis to me.

Reverend Al Sharpton, 1988

Puff Daddy and Kate Moss, 1999

Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, 1995

The Castro in the 70s

The fun East Village Boys has an excellent post about and by photographer Dan Nicoletta, a friend and photographer of Harvey Milk and the Castro of the 70s. Below are just three pictures out of many. Make sure to head over to evb.


“(above right) Divine terrorizing the Trockadero Dance Club, October 29, 1978. He had just thrown an entire cake into the audience, nailing many, and was on his way to the other side of the stage to tear down the Trock”™s other white and silver faux palm trees. I guess he didn”™t like the decor. This was just after his starring role in John Water”™s, Female Trouble.”

uuuuuhhhh hot
Castro Street cruising, August, 1976

The recently released “œMilk: A Harvey Milk Pictorial Biography“, foreword by Armistead Maupin, introduction by Lance Black, the screenwriter of the film “œMILK”. It features many photographs by Dan Nicoletta.

(via omgblog)

The Disco Files

The Disco Files 1973-78 is a new book by Vince Aletti and, to be released April 20 (pre-order here). It sounds very much like a new nerd bible, containing Vince’s weekly reports from New York”™s club scene, his magazine articles, 800 club and DJ charts and tons of record reviews.

Aletti was the first person to write about disco in an article published in Rolling Stone in 1973. He became a senior editor at The Village Voice, and is currently the photography critic for The New Yorker.

The 30 page pdf preview of the book includes an excerpt of his ’73 disco article and some great pictures. Some of the pictures might look familiar, as they have been published in the other disco bible Love Saves The Day by Tim Lawrence.

The D Files

From an interview with Vince Aletti:

Did people at [Paradise] Garage regard the Studio 54 as the anti-Christ?
To an extent. I certainly did. It was not what we thought this was all about. David’s [Mancuso] idealism was very widespread in terms of the way people felt. I think disco was, to some extent, a movement and a lot of people felt very strongly. And a lot of people got very caught up in what they felt it should and shouldn’t be.

What was the reaction when Studio 54 took off?
It’s hard for me to say, besides what I already said. There’s a scene at the end of the Last Days Of Disco one of the characters has this very idealistic speech where he says disco was a whole movement. It was funny, but it was really true and people felt that. They felt disappointed that the idealistic quality of it was being trampled over, in favour of money and celebrity. As much as disco was glitzy and certainly loved celebrity culture when people came to clubs, there was never a sense of it being driven by that. It was much more driven by an underground idea of unity.

(via disco delivery & more information)

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays, dear readers.

I would like to share a quote from Myra Breckinridge by Gore Vidal, which I am currently reading. It uses one of my favourite holiday related words, which I had never heard before this December (thanks to El Bear Ho): Bauble.

“I preferred to be Greer Garson, a gracious lady whose compassionate breasts were more suited to be last pillow for a dying youth than the baubles for the coarse hands of some horny boy.”

A Pink Bauble

Me Loves Bücherstapel

Where are the Creatures?

Above is a photo of a page from Place Space, the magazine featuring John Waters at home. So, of course, this is showing one of his many book piles.

And what can we see CLEARLY in the pile to the right? John Waters has a copy of Ausserirdische Zwitterwesen / Alien Hybrid Creatures, the book by die Professorin Michael Krebber.

Below is my personal re-visualisation of the book pile for your viewing pleasure.

Alien Hybrid Creatures are Everywhere

Well done.

At Home with John Waters


In the newest issue of Place Space, designer Todd Oldham fotographs John Waters at home. The book comes wrapped in a custom designed poster as well as tear out postcards featuring books from Water”™s shelves such as “œSex on Horseback” and “œGay John”. Also included are essays by Todd Oldham and Cindy Sherman.

More pictures & info at Ammo Books (via).

I just placed my order.


21 Nights

21 nights

When I attended a couple of Prince concerts last year, I was hoping for a live album. Especially of the aftershows that took place at a smaller venue at the O2 Arena in London. And in October, a little bit over a year later, this is what’s happening.

Prince and photographer Randee St. Nicolas are releasing 21 Nights, a book of photographs spanning his London residency, including poetry, lyrics and “Indigo Night,” a CD–available only with the book–capturing Prince’s live after-show sessions.

Update: Tracklist of the CD
Pictures: Housequake (click for additional pictures)

21 nights


In der Zwischenzeit wurde “Madonna Und Wir. Bekenntnisse.” veröffentlicht. Aus diesem Anlass möchte ich ein sehr privates Bekenntnis aus meinem Text zu dem Buch preisgeben. Don’t judge.

“Es muss also Silvester 1992 gewesen sein. Toffi und ich waren auf eine Party im Cosmic Space Club in Fulda eingeladen, Madonna und das Sex Buch spukten nun schon seit Monaten in unseren Köpfchen rum. Wir waren so aufgestachelt, dass wir uns inspiriert genug fanden, eine “Sex”-artige Szene auf der Toilette zu inszenieren. Wir schauten uns in dem grossen Raum um und Toffi sagte: “œSetz”™ du dich aufs Waschbecken, hinter den Wasserhahn, dann lassen wir das Wasser laufen und ich trinke wie ein kleines Kätzchen von dem spirtzenden Nass.” Ich versuchte mich also auf das Waschbecken zu wuchten. Mein Hinterteil war kaum auf dem Becken gelandet, meine Füsse hatten soeben den Kontakt zum Fussboden verloren, da passierte es: Zuerst ein Knarzen, gefolgt von einem Riesenknall, einem Bersten, das Waschbecken krachte auf den Boden und ich mit ihm. Meine Hände bluteten. Mein weisses Röckchen war plötzlich rosa und rot. Happy New Year!”

Das Buch kann z.b. hier bestellt werden.

Madonna und das Kätzchen
Photo by Steven Meisel taken from Sex by Madonna

Candy Darling

Below are a few quotes from the book Candy Darling by Candy Darling, published 1992 through Hanuman. During the course of a day Candy committed her thoughts to a soft-covered notebook writing about things such as recipes, drafts of letters, makeup tips, addresses, etc. Then, there are pages of speculation; words meant to be used as a rebuke or compliment, dialogue to be stored away for future use – perhaps for a play she was writing, jokes:

All I could concentrate on for the rest of the morning was the grunting and groaning and the sounds ofthe bed creaking. Gil left around 9 a.m. I was still too stunned to sleep, being persecuted to capacity. As Mr. Right was going out of the door he saw that I was not asleep and said goodbye. His face seemed to be saying to me it’s really you I love mentally it was all you. But then I am not mentally well.

I know it hasn’t all been beer & pretzels for you either.

I see the day coming when the words femme and butch will be more commonly used. I mean to be used for heterosexuals not just for gay or bisexuals. Think of the intersting types.
Female-Heterosexual-type- Basic butch with femme overtones. the drag type
Raq. W. / J. Craw. / Jane Russell
Basic femme – Butch overtones Greta Garbo
Basic femme – femme overtones M.M. L.T.

When a woman wears the same dress twice
Then she doesn’t feel chic.
And when she doesn’t feel chic
She feels insecure
Then she can’t sleep at
night then she suffers from
nervous exhaustion then
that could lead to a
nervous breakdown.

The only law she never broke is the law of gravity.

The only security is health and the ability to adjust in life.

Dear Kathy
First of all please forgive me for not answering sooner. I’ve been so involved with my own identity, which has been so vague, and social commitments, basic living procedures and affairs of the heart that for a while I ceased to exist. Except for other people. (…)

Courtney’s Diaries

I bought Dirty Blonde, The Diaries of Courtney Love, on Saturday. It seems like it got an early release in Canada, it is supposed to come out in the US on the 31st.

At first, I was a bit disappointed because it is not very kiss-and-tell but then Courtney’s story drew me in: angry, eager, tragic, sad and on the other hand, for short periods, very sparkling. Like an emotional roller coaster ride.

Anyway, here is one of my favourite parts, an e-mail exchange between Courtney and Lindsay Lohan. I think I could get celebrity email addicted.

Click to enlarge.

CL to LL - LL to CL

(VF = Vanity Fair. A 1992 article in Vanity Fair entitled “Strange Love”, in which it was alleged that Courtney had continued using heroin in the early stages of pregnancy. As a result, Child Welfare Services briefly investigated the Cobains’ fitness as parents, removing Frances Bean from their custody for a short period. Love claims to this day that she was misquoted, saying she had told author Lynn Hirschberg that she had stopped using it once she learned she was pregnant. (source))

For The Love

For The LoveLove Saves The Day. Oliver hat das Buch Viola geschenkt. Viola hat es mir geschenkt. Wir sagen manchmal: die Bibel. Sie hat einiges ausgelöst.

Meine Aaron-Carl Begeisterung hat 2003 mit dem House-Hit Homoerotic angefangen. Ich liebe sein persönlichen Texte, und selbst wenn sie von Revenge und Hate handeln (Ex-Boyfriend (Revenge Is Sweet) oder Hateful) kommt der Humor und die Hingabe zum Vorschein. House, Deep House, R&B, Ghetto Tech at it’s best.
Sein neues Album, Detrevolution, ist vor ein paar Tagen erschienen. Besonders gerne mag ich Satisfy U, Just Like, Hateful, My Stranger, Brokedown Blues, Liberation (Free), Friday Night Fire, das ganze Album!
Sein wunderbares blog, The Revelations of Aaron-Carl kann ich nicht genug loben.

Pirahnahead ist Teil der Moodyman Band und Host etlicher Musiknächte in Detroit (Wednesdays at Fifth Avenue, einer der Gründe, warum Ausgehen in Detroit so viel Spaß macht). Er glänzt in Gesang-Arrangements wie zum Beispiel in “UR” (auf Mahogani) und in der Zusammenarbeit mit der ebenso fantastischen Sängerin Diviniti. Beide veröffentlichen auf Women on Wax, so den Hit: Love Will Stay.

Viola und Georg waren im August zu Besuch in Detroit und haben Aaron-Carl und Pirahnahead kennengelernt, waren sehr, sehr, sehr begeistert von Ihren DJ Sets und stark beeinflusst von der Bibel, Love Saves The Day.
Wieder in Deutschland, hat sich Viola entschlossen, die beiden am Freitag, den 18.11. nach Köln und Samstag, den 19.11. nach Frankfurt einzuladen. Georg und ich waren sofort dabei.

Also, Termine vormerken, reinhypen, Freunde einladen, herzlich willkommen!

Non profit. For the love.
Strictly for the love. For the love of house.
Bring your ass!

Love Saves The Day

Das Buch bekam ich letztes Jahr geschenkt und habe jetzt endlich die zweite Hälfte gelesen: Love Saves The Day (a history of american dance music culture, 1970-1979).

Es werden alle Fragen beantwortet:
Wann wurde welcher Club eröffnet und wann wieder geschlossen?
Wie waren die Eröffnungspartys?
Wie war die Stimmung und das Publikum in dem Club?
Welcher DJ spielte wann in welchem Club?
Welche Songs wurden von den jeweiligen DJs gespielt?
Was waren die größten Hits im jeweiligen Club?
Wer hat wen durch wen kennen gelernt?
Wer war mit wem zusammen?

Und natürlich geht es auch um die Paradise Garage, von der ich das Logo so toll finde.

Tim Lawrence, der Autor von Love Saves The Day, schreibt zur Zeit eine Fortsetzung über die Jahre 1980-92 und eine Biographie über Arthur Russell. Super.
Bis zur Veröffentlichung könnte ich noch My Life and The Paradise Garage: Keep On Dancin’ von Mel Cheren lesen. Mel gründete West End Records und war 10 Jahre der Partner von Michael Brody, dem Betreiber der Paradise Garage.

From A to B

I’ve read Andy Warhol’s philosophy before but when I saw this 1976 paperback edition I had to buy it again. The cover is awesome.
You can get a lot out of the book, for instance:

A to BWhen you want to be like something, it means you really love it. When you want to be like a rock, you really love that rock. I love plastic idols.

An actress friend of mine told me that after she didn’t want money any more and after she didn’t want jewels any more, that’s when she got money and jewels. I guess it’s for our own good that it always happens that way, because after you stop wanting things is when having them won’t make you go crazy. After you stop wanting them is when you can handle having them. Or before. But never during.

I hate PENNIES. I wish they’d stop making them altogether. I would never save them. I don’t have the time. I like to say in stores, ‘Oh forget it, keep those pennies. It makes my French wallet to heavy.’

Jackie & Holly

Am Sonntag habe ich die fantastische Dokumentation Superstar in a Housedress: The Life and Legend of Jackie Curtis gesehen. Der Film lief auf dem 28. San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Fest und enthält Interviews mit Joe Dallesandro, Paul Morrissey, Lily Tomlin und der fabelhaften Penny Arcade (welche ich im September 2003 in einem tollen Stück von Tony Rizzi in Frankfurt gesehen habe).

Die größte Überraschung kam jedoch im Anschluß an die Vorführung, als Holly Woodlawn auf die Bühne gebeten wurde um Fragen des Publikums zu beantworten und um ein paar Anekdoten zu erzählen. Von den drei Andy Warhol Drag Queens (neben Jackie Curtis und Candy Darling) ist sie die einzige Überlebende.

Audience: What kind of advice would you give to someone who is in high heels for the first time?
Holly: Wear a rubber!

Holly hat im Anschluß erklärt, dass sie auf solche Fragen keine passende Antort geben möchte.
Ihre Autobiographie von 1991 A Low Life in High Heels, die ich mir am Montag sofort bestellt habe, ist momentan in der Pre-Produktionsphase um verfilmt zu werden. Regisseur wird wahrscheinlich Stephan Elliott (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert). Holly wird von Euan Morton gespielt werden, der schon Boy George in dem Broadway Musical Taboo dargestellt hat.


Monsieur!In diesem Monat erscheint das erste Buch von Kerstin Grether, Zuckerbabys. Leider habe ich bisher kein Vorabexemplar bekommen, aber soweit ich weiss, beginnt es mit den Zeilen:

L.A. told me, "You’ll be a pop star,
All you have to change is everything you are."

Natürlich P!NK, Don’t Let Me Get Me. Und der erste Satz deutet auf den Inhalt des Buchs hin: das Leben in der heutigen Casting Gesellschaft.

Ich bin sehr gespannt und erwarte das Beste. Wieso gibt es eigentlich Kerstins Kolumne in der Intro nicht mehr? Monatlich wurde die Leserin/der Leser mit einem Zugenkuß belohnt und das vermisse ich sehr.

Wolfgang, Helmut, Marianne & Divine

Angestachelt von dem extrem lustigen Interview mit Wolfgang Joop in der FAZ Sonntagszeitung vom 03.08.2003 habe ich mir sofort seinen Roman “Im Wolfspelz” gekauft. Ich hatte die Hoffnung auf ein großartiges Buch, bin aber von Langeweile enttäuscht worden. Im ganzen Buch gibt es nur zwei amüsante Absätze.
Da es sich um einen Roman mit autobiographischen Zügen handelt, hätte mir gleich klar sein müssen, dass er nicht an meine Lieblingsautobiographien heranreichen wird.

Da wäre “Ich” von Helmut Berger, die mit dem besten Titel und überhaupt hervorragend. Er schreibt z.B., dass er seinen 50. Geburtstag schon mit 49 gefeiert hat, da er mal wieder richtig gefeiert werden wollte. Er scheint sowieso nur mit seiner High Society “Clique” aus jeweiligen Stadt unterwegs gewesen zu sein.
Darüber hinaus wollte er sich in einem Louis Vuitton Geschäft eine Tasche mit seinen Initialen kaufen, da er dachte, seine große Liebe Luchino Visconti hätte sich dies dort anfertigen lassen.

Und die von Marianne Faithfull. Nachdem ich sie kürzlich gelesen habe, will ich mich nur noch “bis obenhin” mit irgendwelchen Drogen zuknallen. Das wird darin so verführerisch beschrieben.

Dann wäre da natürlich noch die Biographie von Divine, die u.a. von seiner Mutter Frances Milstead geschrieben wurde. In den nächsten Monaten soll ein neues Buch rauskommen: “Postcards from Divine”. Von 1972 an hat Divine für 9 Jahre mit ihren Eltern nur per Postkarten kommuniziert, nachdem
er im Streit von zu Hause ausgezogen war. Die Karten werden jetzt von der Mutter veröffentlicht. Große Vorfreude, obwohl es wahrscheinlich auch melancholisch sein wird!