We’re back from our short little break and the dolls are reloaded. It was supposed to be Mannequin Hotnuts because of the performance that Lady Darling has planned. Then last weekend, when Mary and I went fabric shopping for our outfits, we discovered a ‘bingo troll’ print. We couldn’t leave it rotting in the sale bin. It’s going to be a true Messhausen dress for da Mary, who will also do a hot bingo troll appearance.

So here we go: Mannequin Bingo Troll Hotnuts!
Saturday, April 25 – 10:30 pm

Performance by Lady Darling
Hosted by Mary Messhausen
Djs das hussy and produzentin

The Beaver
1192 Queen St. W.
Door: El Bear Ho – $5 – free in drag

Mannequin Hotnuts!

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