The Social Nutswork

For Hotnuts: The Social Nutswork Mary Messhausen handed out Oscarettes for Best Armani outfits. Salvation Armani that is. The House of Monroe took the stage afterwards with Twisted, Vixxen and Snoopy vogueing in total pre-Oscar über red carpet celebration. After their drops, Twisted mc’ed a runway battle with Peggles, Vanessa, Duncy and Splits.

Hotnuts is taking a break in March, we’re back April 23rd.

More pictures after the jump & more on flickr.

Mary and proddy

das hussy and Oliver

da priced pig ho




serving serious ass: Sho Sho

proddy and the interwebz

Mary and Minus Smile

House of Monroe: Vixxen

House of Monroe: Twisted mcing

Peg Vanessa



Mary and the Oscarette

The Winners!

Misty Discharge and Vivienne

Peg Vanessa and Oliver

the interwebz: spreading the love

Pig in the Snow

look I'm typing!

Scott and Phons

Mikey and friend

Peggles and Mary (interwebz)

more interwebz


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