Hotnuts Twincest

Thanks to all the twins and other creatures that made Hotnuts Twincest a truly incestuous night.

Fay Slift performed Get Outta My Way and Vivienne gave us a Total Eclipse of the Heart. Also, our favourite nurse got baked with a dope cake. Check all the pictures after the jump – 100 on flickr – lot’s of floor rolling fun.

The next Hotnuts is on February 26 and part of the month long 5 Year Beaver Birthday Celebrations. It’s going to be festive!

Proddy and Mary

El Bear Ho and Oliver

Peg and Twany

Vanessa and Phons

Kylie and Grady

Fragile Twins

Glenda and Miss Simpson

The Monster Arrives

Frank and Jeremy

Fay Slift

So Candid

Twincest Twincest

Moustache Twins

Catface Twins

Mess Twins

Brush It Twins


Doll $ Twin

Updo Twins


Single Twin
Tumble Her

Proddy and Mary

Lady Twins

Vanessa and the birthday j nurse cake

Vivienne performing

Fay and Dancers

The Bench

Pom Pom Viv Legs

Double Double


Jon, Grant and Leila


Vanessa, Peg, Oliver


Minus Smile


Reno and Oliver

Jeremy, Peg, Monster


Proddy and Mary

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