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She Got Lurked

She got lurked

Sholem Krishtalka’s LURKING is an ongoing, open-ended series of drawings based on her friends’ Facebook photos.

And I got lurked with the messiest photo I put on facebook. Hover to see, really flattering. So honoured.

This is Halloween

It’s been three years since our last Hallonuts Hotween. More then enough time to bring back the scariest of all Hotnuts: We will ram the Beaver with baby pumpkins & toddler ghosts. Come early to avoid lineup!

Saturday, October 30, 10:30pm
Performance by MD – Margot & David at midnight
Hosted by Mary Messhausen
DJs Colin Bergh and produzentin

Door: El Bear Ho
$5 cover, free in drag

The Beaver
1192 Queen St. W.

Suckle that!


Mary, Tante Karen, Tante Proddy

OMG so OOC. That was so much fun. Thank you for making Pridetoberfest all about Hosen- and Dirndl-SPASS. Only abroad can this German girl handle so much gay Germanness.

Tante Karen started the evening by djing her favourite deutsche Sänger: Heino. What a treat that was for all of us! And the highlights just kept on rolling out of the barrel: Polka Queen Maija worked the accordion with a traditional Scorpions song, we had a Chug-A-Lug and a corndog eating contest. And not to forget, a super lustige sausage strut around the Beaver Stube.

Pridetoberfest is what we want every month. Can’t wait for next year.

(On a side note, I have sold this website to facebook for $1. The advantage is that you can leave comments with your facebook login. Just hit the “facebook connect” button at the end of this post and comment along. Thanks, proddy)

More pics after the jump, tons more on flickr.

Willkommen, Grüzi!


Proddy & Mustardbeard

Samara and Tante Karen

Proddy, Peggles, Gunther



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About the 4-Ohh

The Rei Kawakubo chapter is one of the best in John Waters’ book Role Models (published in May). These few black and white pages have caused considerable damage over hurrr. I mean, not that I didn’t crave Comme des Garçons before, but now, the flood gates of hell (aka my purse) are wide open. I simply can not resist a CdG item any more (just spare me the CdG Play line).

Ok, here is one of the crucial paragraphs. And what I believe is also very important: You can never start too early. Gobble up some torn & combusted CdG BEFORE you hit the big 4-ohhh:

You don’t need fashion designers when you are young (…). But past the age of 40, you need all the help you can get. Now is the time for designers, and believe me, Rei Kawakubo has made it possible for older people to be as fashion daring as the young. “Too rich, too nuts?” Yesiree, these are Rei’s customers, and we are proud to be her cult members on “Planet Rei”. Rei Kawakubo was “the first to make polyester cost more than silk,” the model Linda Evangelista told me when I met her at a film festival in France. Rei is not a fashion designer; she is a magician.

The chapter about his friendship with Leslie van Houten is available at HuffPost.

Role Models

Willkommen in der Beaver Stube

Zur Beaver Stube

Let’s roll out the barrel! Your two favourite parties of the year like a double dildo, broken in half and shoved into one gay hole. Eat your bretzel under the gay rainbow.

It’s all about Gemütlichkeit.
Enjoy a chicken dance with your friends at the Beaver Stube.

Tante Mistress and Tante Proddy are here to show you the love of Pridetoberfest.

Friday, October 22nd, 10:30pm
Zur Beaver Stube
1192 Queen St. W.

Performance by Polka Queen Maija at midnight
Special guest appearances by Miss Pridetoberfests 2009 and 2010

Join in on the traditional German:
*** Bierstein Chug-A-Lug Gay Faceoff
*** Sausage strut around the Stube
*** How much Gay Wurst can you handle?

Under the Beerstein Rainbow


Unbelievable. This website is turning 7 today. I thought that is a good occasion to introduce some fanciness to! I know, some pages and layouts are still broken, so please bear with me.

I have imported all my ancient tweets and in the future all new tweets will be featured here, too. The twitter updates have this cute little red star in front of them.

You might have noticed that the links to the left (the sidebar thingy) is gone. The theme is Reduce! Reduce! Reduce!

Enjoy the new look & sliding pictures on the front page. xoxo proddy

Auf’d at WdW

This was an Euro quicky. I got back from Rotterdam last night and still feel a little bit dizzy. Cosima von Bonin had an opening at Witte de With with the enormous title “Cosima von Bonin’s Far Niente for Witte de With’s Sloth Section, Loop # 01 of the Lazy Susan Series, a Rotating Exhibition 2010 – 2011”.

I don’t know what it was, but I was tumbling through the exhibition all night. Maybe it’s because I watched a bit of Play Time by Tati, which was screened in one of the rooms.

Anyways, at the end of the night, I was handing out the popular “You are Auf’d” postcards to get people to leave the show.

Clam hat by Cosima von Bonin, blouse by Mary Messhausen, skirt by Comme des Garçons.
Thank you Bitz, Conny, Kyle & Toffi.

More pictures after the jump.






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Last week I saw the dreamy and beautiful movie Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives. The film screened in Toronto for a week and before that as part of TIFF, for which the director Apichatpong Weerasethakul was in town. A Q&A session was part of the film festivals program. During the talk Apichatpong discussed “Utopia”, a project that he would love to make. Let’s hope he gets funding for it, I really want to see this:

“I’m really a big fan of Hollywood films. Especially disaster films.”

To that end, he’d love to make a sci-fi disaster film, set in Canada, that would feature the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek and also numerous female characters from sci-fi, including Star Trek’s Uhuru and Jane Fonda’s title femme from Barbarella.

“We plan to make a movie, but we cannot raise enough funds and there has to be the Starship Enterprise in the middle of a snowstorm erupting. It’s like a survey of these women going to this landscape and there are periodic snowstorms and monsters that are the creation of these people. It’s very sad, but it’s very funny at the same time. It would be a really big budget for me.”

“Uhuru” and “title femme”?! What was the writer of the Toronto Star article above thinking? How can you not get that right? He must have been on straight crack or something.

Apichatpong has mentioned the project before, in an interview from December 2009:

JB: Can you reveal some details about Utopia, which I believe is your “dream project”?

AW: It’s a science fiction film. I started working on it many years ago, after Tropical Malady. It’s a big movie and it’s based on my experiences of studying in the United States. I want to have the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek in the department store Macys, but broken down, and have the store surrounded by a snow-covered landscape. I want to work with the original science fiction actors, who are now in their 50s or 60s, and have them play scientists in this landscape who discover this broken-down Enterprise ship. There is a parallel narrative about a monster that is the product of these humans. The whole movie is about my memories of the science fiction movies that I grew up with.

As mentioned above, Utopia has been in the works for some time. An early treatment for the film seems to be from 2005 or 2006:

Synopsis: In the lost world, a pre-historic man is freed in a snow-covered landscape. Everything is white and new to him. He tries to survive in a jungle where there are periodic snowstorms. Followed by a group of fashionable old American ladies, he faces off against a terrorizing monster that hides in the jungle. He discovers a cave where he shields himself from the outside world and starts to hibernate. Through the course of his sleeping, the white and snow- covered world has turned into a lush tropical forest. He emerges from the cave and explores the new green territory in wonderment. The moist landscape is now full of miraculous fauna, flora… and elements of a fabulous adventure!

Director’s Statement: It’s a bedtime story and it’s gentle.
I imagine the coexistence of the two worlds. In this tale, both of them seem real on the surface. But when paired together, because of their differences, they become each other’s dreams. These dreams are intertwined without a sense of time. It is the future of an ancient time, and an ancient time of the future. It’s a celebration of America and of “America.” Here, life is tender and savage – civilized.