Came With The Place

After we moved to our new place in December, it took us some time to get our shet together. Now, finally, the happy face is up on the wall. I wanted to share this cute set up with you. So, here are three of the wonderful things in our upstairs sugar shack:

This came with the place. So nice.

1) The Stone
I bought this really heavy styrofoam stone when the Toronto Opera had an archive sale. #sonice

2) The Wallfurniture
You better not call it wall paper! I recently got into trouble when the word slipped out of my mouth accidentally. It’s wallfurniture, get it?
Wallfurniture by Dorkenwald-Spitzer , get it from their online store

3) The Happy Face
It’s always good to have smiley face looking at you. In the morning, the afternoon, the evening. Keeps the spirits up. Love it. The happy face can also be seen in Mount Shasta, a film by Oliver Husain.

6 comments on “Came With The Place

  1. Bitz

    amazing. man fühlt sich gleich wie zuhause. Der Schwindel kommt höchstens vom guten Hendricks.
    I miss BeaverhausenIII.

  2. Isabella Ho.

    All you need is the shadow of a black widow cast across this tableau, and you have a truly dynamic image.

  3. Phürez ol de Mulio

    I see the cat! May the sun always shine on you, Oliver, and the shet!

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