Walter Women 2010-11

OMG Walter van Beirendonck showed a couple of women’s looks during his menswear fashion show. Hats by the always amazing Stephen Jones.

Category: Me want much. Me likey.

Walter and Stephen
Walter and Stephen at work.


2 Walter





Sources: Sonny Vandevelde, Un Nouveau Ideal and Chris & Tibor
Also: Mini interview with Walter van Beirendonck at Dazed blog

4 comments on “Walter Women 2010-11

  1. Bitz

    aaahhhh, I want them all!!!!!! The hats! I think they make me look taller. …or bigger…? Always wanted a trunk… downstairs…
    remember girlfriend, its my birthday in Feb!!!!!
    beschenke sie mich reich! ich kann tiere/objekte im schritt tragen.
    freue mich, danke.

    oh, passt auch zum sitzmöbel-elefant

  2. o

    i’m sending my portfolio to stephen jones right now. i want to be the hatter’s apprentice. time for a career change! it’s 2010!

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