Cesta in Broken Embraces

In this still from the trailer of Broken Embraces, the latest Almodovar movie, we can not see Penelope Cruz. We can not see Lluís Homar. They are humping underneath the sheets. But in the blurry background, we can see one of my favourite table lamps.

The lamp is called Cesta and was designed in 1964 by Miguel Milá.
The lantern style lamp consists of a cherry wood structure and an opal ball diffuser. I guess it can help to transform any modern space into a Japanese palace of the Edo period. Or a set from an Almodovar movie.

Kategorie: Ich will. Me want.

Cesta Lamps. WANT ONE. OR TWO.

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  1. produzentin

    frohes neues, honey! when will we get another round of mathematical life counseling? people really need it for 2010, don’t you think? xo

  2. Doc Nancy

    you are right, you people definitely need some advice! there should be another counseling session soon. :-)

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