Let Us Be Love

Jochen: Lass uns Liebe sein

Oh, she looks just like a gay. Sorry, I had to let it out.

Of course, Jochen Diestelmeyer is just in gay drag, but I’m so excited to hear new songs after his band Blumfeld faded away in 2007.

JD’s new album “Heavy” will be out September 25, the single “Lass uns Liebe sein” (Let us be Love) hits stores September 4 and www.distelmeyer.de is online now should be onläne pretty soon. With titles like that, it has to be good. (via Spex)

In the meantime, watch Blumfeld’s classic “Tausend Tränen Tief” (Thousand Tears Deep) featuring Helmut Berger below.

5 comments on “Let Us Be Love

  1. Ricky Bell

    looks a bit like distelmeyer wants to jump on the friebe-train. I hope not.

  2. superschum

    love friebe – but also very excited for the “new” ??? distelmeyer…
    “lawinenhund” schum

  3. produzentin Post author

    but I’m a little bit scared now after I heard “Wohin mit dem Hass” on his site. Warum nur die Gitarren?

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