Mama & Mary Messhausen: Tiny Bubbles

Finally, here are two videos of Mama Messhausen performing at MuumuuNuts. In Tiny Bubbles, Mary joins her Mama on stage and the whole rooms sings with them: Makes me happy, makes me feel fine!

The second video has Mama Messhausen on the ukulele singing The Hukilau Song. Magic!

All in HD Cinemascope below.

3 comments on “Mama & Mary Messhausen: Tiny Bubbles

  1. Spoon

    Is mama messhausen the real mother of mary messhausen? i mean, there are some ressemblances.

  2. Mary Messhausen

    Spoon, yes, Mama Messhausen is my real mother. ‘Messhausen’ is not just a happy coincidence. xoxo Mary

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