We had a wonderful time on Muumuu Island. Thanks so much for making it fun. Mama Messhausen played the ukulele and got the whole room singing: “Tiny bubble in the wine, makes me happy, makes me feel fine.” Videos will be uploaded later.

El Bear Ho won the lifetime achievement award for best costume.

More pictures after the jump, even more & full size on flickr.

5 comments on “MuumuuNuts

  1. Mary Messhausen

    El bear ho is such a noble looking poodle, I will now refer to her only as No-Poo.

  2. Bitz

    biggest mama fan!!!!! oliva is the hottest openhole! miss miss – xoxoxo

  3. produzentin Post author

    uhh I forgot to write: Olivia Openhole is wearing a vintage Moschino blouse, we we’re all so jealous. she deserves a good filling for that. xoxo

  4. Michel Noel

    Das is ja schade eine Tiki-Party ohne Tikimiki.
    Gut aber hier kommt der Gruß aus Germany!

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