Roisin & Yoko for H&M DAA

After their collaboration in 2008, H&M and Designers Against Aids are doing it again. The list of involved designers & musicians is long. I’m most excited to see Roisin Murphy’s and Yoko Ono’s creations. Pictures should hit the interwebs soon as the T-Shirts will be in the shops later this month.

Update: In shops May 28, all pictures here (Roisin on page 1, Yoko on 4)

Want to see Roisin & Yoko designs

(via A Shaded View on Fashion)

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  1. produzentin

    I know you would look great with that smiling skull over your belly! we’ll get it when you’re HURRRRR. xoxo

    p.s. sorry, I used that old joke of yours.

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