Easing into Family Day

We celebrated Family Day with a party in the gay village at Straight. Mary wore her amazing stuffed toy scarf and of course I was happy to wear a Mary dress. Margot did my make up and we were ready to go.

Between my dj sets Mary and I got acquainted with a couple of cute boys. However, we couldn’t decide on whom to start a family with, so we ended the night like we always do: eating. Yummy.

Thanks to the Eva Christina’s for inviting us over.
Check out the pictures (NSFW) after the jump.

Chopped & Skrewed: Proddy & Mary




Cameron & Luis

When I saw that Kyle was wearing Boss, I knew he was into Germans. Score.

With my new bff, Jonathan
Mary and I met Jonathan for the first time two years ago.
Just recently, he was the fabguy. In the fab magazine column he announced that he’s ready to settle down. I told him, I want to move to Thunder Bay with him.

She was just chilling in the washrooms

Brendan J

I'm not sure how this happened. But we love lipstick dicks.

4 comments on “Easing into Family Day

  1. Michel Noel

    Dear Prodi
    Next Time be carefull.
    Your Makeup looks like Bäppi Labelle.
    Next Crossing Main Stream!

  2. produzentin Post author

    Michel, it worked with the boys!
    Next crossing: at home with onkel wolfgang.

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