The colourful picture of Kanye and his entourage at Paris fashion week was shot by Torontonian Tommy Ton.

Now Kanye’s hairdresser has blogged about their trip to Paris, complaining about people calling them gay & clowns. In the first paragraph, he has to make sure that no one is gay or a clown. Really?

I don’t get it. Who doesn’t want to be a hot glown?
Nothing better than that.

Kanye & Entourage: Glowns?

5 comments on “Glowns

  1. Stacker

    Really. I want to be a HOT GLOWN too.
    A hot saxon glown!! I miss you so, Prodi. In my new flat I do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING the lovely whole day long and feel deeply satisfied. Drill little holes here and there and feel immediately satiesfied and happy agin. Agin n agin n agin.

  2. produzentin Post author

    stacky, I wanna drill a hole or two wit you!
    butt the one with them yellow fett is MINE.

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