Holiday Hotnuts

Oh oh. The Holiday Low Ballin’ Special Hotnuts party looks like a very festive night. Jaime and das hussy were at the turntables and had the hottest beats. From what I heard, Mary was the best hostess, as always.

Oliver and I wish we were there. But instead, we were stuck in Chicago. Oprah had invited us for a late night pizza snack at her house.

Mary Messhausen

Will & Jaime

das hussy

James & friends

Shotime, Benazir, Misty Discharge & the Celine Dion's mother from the CBC documentary

John & Margot

Jaime & das hussy

Mary, Will, Jaime, Luis

Stuart, the elf





Porcelaine Desire

Mary & Yoda

2 comments on “Holiday Hotnuts

  1. Mary Messhausen

    If I get dumped for Oprah’s hot deep-dish pizza oven one more time…I don’t know what I’m going to do!!


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