Bernhard Willhelm: Wicken 3000

“A light, fresh, clean scent that embodies a fusion of the elements. The idea was to create a perfume close to the elements of water and air, but with a futuristic approach. Express “the Back to nature” side of Bernhard with a pure & essential fragrance.”
– Lucas Sieuzac, Perfumer

Available as #2 in the collection of Six Scents: Series One
Each fragrance is limited to 2000 bottles & raises money for Designers Against Aids

don’t get me started on the typography for the Bernhard scent

3 comments on “Bernhard Willhelm: Wicken 3000

  1. Chris Reynolds

    If only they could bottle the smell drifting up from the basement of Ficken 3000 in Berlin…

  2. produzentin Post author

    that’s probably the “back to the nature” approach they’re talking about

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