The New Season

That was a fun night that kicked off the new Hotnuts season. Thank you for coming out and making it happen.

Karen and Lex showed up as Wendy O-Mage and gave one of the best Hotnuts performances. There was beaver shaving, tampon eating & dick cutting, all in 4 minutes. What more can one ask for?

The pictures of the performance are after the jump as they are a slightly NSFW.

Cristobel & Mary


Matt & Oliver

Prancey Girl (PG)


Greg & Kevin
Maybe these outfits have been influenced by this trip?

Margot be back!

Mary Messhausen

Greg, me, Karen

ShoSho & Benazir (Bukaki) Iman II

Davis as Clair & Chris

Benazir Iman II &  Andrea



Dick cutting

Bye Bye

The End

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  1. Kevin

    That performance looks like the climactic scene from Hostel 2. Sad I missed it!

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