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So, I went to the openings of Lucie Stahl (thank you & I owe you) at Dependance in Brussels on Thursday and Herr Krebber at Kunstverein Cologne on Friday.

Thursday and Friday, we went to the fish booth. It felt like I had never eaten fresher fish before. “The sale starts July 1st”, said the Margiela shop woman with the (bad) Amy make-up. Sabs and I had an orange juice across the street from the white building. As I’m on sale diet I didn’t buy anything in Brussels, except for a present.

Friday night, Michaela, Viola and I, disguised as Hase und Igel, went to the second bar first. We quickly ordered Schnitzel. There is nothing better than a Schnitzel at 4am. Michaela (bff) said I should take everything else and not just the Merlin wig. I only wanted long hair. “Aber sie hat doch so gern lange Haare.”

Saturday, got some V&R from Heimat (underground).


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  1. Michaela

    I was a little afraid, because I´ve learned from Nancy that bf means boyfriend and fb fuckbuddy.

    So I thought that bff, maybe, means, something, like

  2. doc nancy

    dear michaela i wished all my students would remember my words as well as you do.
    thank you so much for taking care of me. but i was so drunk that i would have fallen asleep with my face on your schnitzel if i hadn’t left.

  3. Michaela

    The touch of your beautiful head down on my schnitzel would have load and ennobled it with grace and dignity. If Prodi allows – maybe we can be bff´s too?

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