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  1. Bitz

    Ick sach ma juti, wa alta!!! I want you Berlin-Addicts to translate this!!! Its easy. I want the lyrics in English here on produzentin.
    Find out, what the song is about. Thats a start.
    If you do it right, I give you a free ticket for Panorama Bar in Berlin!!
    Bonus: Rabendicht, platt wie Scholle, druff wie tausend Mann, weggeballert, hängengeblieben.
    Good Luck!

  2. produzentin Post author

    mirror on the wall, who’s awake for 3 days?
    you and your grandma are awake for 3 days

  3. Doc Nancy

    dear bitz, this is the translation of the google language tool. do i get the free ticket?

    Pill, Palle, all bright
    Druff, druff, druff, druff, druff ..

    Verpeilt and verschallert all verballert.
    Druff, druff, druff, druff, druff ..

    1x repeat

    Let’s, as it’s 3 days awake, next party comes provides 3 days awake.
    After Hours before the Hour, continue.
    3 days awake, now you will slowly weak.

    Full pot throwing, 3 days awake
    Paniert and Ding Dong Ding Dong, 3 days awake.

    Colorful pill Fete, 3 days awake
    Ne pulse as rocket, 3 days awake
    Point clearly point comma, 3 days awake
    You were yesterday, even as 3 days awake.

    Mirror on the wall who is 3 days awake?
    You and your grandmother are 3 days awake.

    Teller to lower jaw, 3 days awake
    In the pants vermin, 3 days awake
    Empty Bottle firemen, 3 days awake
    Running is now no longer, 3 days awake.


    Emergency pharmacy, 3 days awake
    Snot on the wallpaper, 3 days awake
    Verplant, Paniert, 3 days awake
    Fully awake Ungeniert 3 days.

    2x repeat

  4. Doc Nancy

    p.s.: in my eyes they should rethink their translation of the word “druff”.

  5. Bitz

    Dearest Doc Nancy. Unfortunately I cannot accept your translation. No Berghain for you, sorry. There are still to many German words in the lyrics. Please try again yourself.
    But here is a little hint:

    1. druff
    3 up, 2 down

    adjective, adverb orig. German; literatly stands for beeing on (drugs).

    “Look at him, he seems to be very druff!”

    Check urbandictionary.com.

    Maybe that helps to get the ticket for 3-day-awake-berghain-nights.

    By the way, everyone in my office is singing the song by now. Everyone at Wurstfilm is druff, druff, druff…

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