February Hotnuts

Looks like we’ll have some of lezzie action this Saturday.
Come and have a guy crush on a drag king.

Performance by Lex Vaughn
DJ’s Le Freak C’est Keek and produzentin
Prancey Boy as the door girl

If we get the satellite transmission working in time, Mary Messhausen will be hosting from the Philippines

$5 cover, free in drag/dressed up

Suckle My Teat

5 comments on “February Hotnuts

  1. kevinh

    bojana’s joke:
    a drunk girl wakes up in a field under a cow’s utters, looks up and says “hello boys!!!!”.

  2. Mary Messhausen

    Magandang Omaga,

    Hinaut pa unta nga nagkahiusa ta! Guimingauw ako kanimo, Turkey Hole.

    Lots of love,

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