Hotnuts Potnuts

It was such an honour to have Michelle DuBarry as a performer at Hotnuts. Keith Cole came on stage late last night and everybody danced to his performance of “If I Could Read Your Mind”. Thank you all for partying at Potnuts.

All of the pictures after the jump. Slightly NSWF.
Marykah Messhausen in da house.
Jaime’s music was the best.

with Michelle

Mary and Sameer

Mary's Fro

Michelle DuBarry

Brad, Jaime, Pat


Sameer loves chick peas


Peter and Will

with Keith

Matthew and Michael

with Jaime


Peter and Mary

Peter and Patrick

Keith performing

Michelle and Mary

12 comments on “Hotnuts Potnuts

  1. b.

    Für die Olympiaübertragungen in der ARD nahmen die Spotnicks für den Olympiaquiz „6×6“ den Gordon Lightfoot-Titel „If You Could Read My Mind“ auf, der sich in der Hitparade bis auf Platz 2 vorarbeitete und am 3. März 1973 mit dem „Bronzenen Löwen“ von Radio Luxemburg ausgezeichnet wurde.

  2. jaime

    just in case anyone was wondering … that is not a picture of me walking like an egyptian, that’s a picture of me just after banging on the wall during proddy’s set!!

  3. doc nancy

    oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! you finally have a kifferbraut gown! this is so amazing. i have to see more pictures of you in it. send them to me right now!

  4. kyky

    Is that Mary or Cleo?
    And why is she wearing a frightened Professor Lumpenstein on her head?!!

  5. Ush the Lush

    KIFFERBRAUT GOWN made my day, thank you so much Nancy. Achtung, da ist ein Mann auf einem Foto, der hat glaub ich keine Unterhose an

  6. Ush

    Extra? what does that mean, Doc Nancy Baby?
    (just got the about your new film role – formidable!! I could cry)

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