Wake Me Up In February

Basically, I have to go to sleep for two months. Everything I want is available in spring, mostly February only:

  • The new Mariah album (as yet untitled)
  • The new Bernhard Willhelm women’s 2008 summer collection
  • The new Comme des Garcons fragrance 8 88 (smells like gold)
  • The new The Golden Compass 8 DVD Collectors Box Set incl. 1 animal spirit
    Visit the homepage of my cute daemon, Callum. Please.
  • The new Hot Chip album

Meet Callum, omg, how cute!

11 comments on “Wake Me Up In February

  1. produzentin Post author

    Mary and you thought that creature living at your house was a squirrel. love it.

  2. claude

    Kyana the racoon is my daemon and I love her, she´s so adorable!
    Let´s have a daemon-meeting some day! Tea and daemons! Sweet!

  3. produzentin

    Dear Claude, I’m very happy you’re into His Dark Materials. Why did I doubt it? Silly.
    Let’s have tea, right now!

  4. claude

    Oh, I would LOVE to have tea with all of you and your splendid deamons! I forgot to show you my racoon named Kyana:
    Pandy! Your daemon is sooo beautiful, I just started to make some pottery at the moment, very small teacups for all the daemons! Be prepard for tea!

  5. ofoffjoff

    I’ve taken this Daemon test around 4 times now, and every time I have been somthing else, a mouse, a peacock and a tiger. So what does that make me, A Child???????????

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