Hotnuts November

OMG, Gartina is back at Hotnuts performing “Vogue 4 Me”. Hopefully, it’s 15 min long. We have Prancey Boy as The Door Girl leading the way to the shindigs.

$5 cover, dress up / drag up and get in free

Hotnuts November
Isn’t the flyer a bit animal week?

11 comments on “Hotnuts November

  1. krull

    I really love the flyer! the hotnuts typeface is supernice and the squirrelcat is sweet – and hibiscus is lovely! who did that???

    chapeau, K

  2. krull

    offofoliver! you should do more typographic work! i am a big fan of your dawings (dorito drawings)! I would like the triangles all over!


  3. kyky

    dear produzentin,

    Isn’t OffOfOliver nearly copyright infringement? You better be careful. The Dutch are notoriously litigious.

    Let’s brainstorm…..what about Oliver Pallett? …. or better Oliver LaOliver

  4. Kevin

    Simply, “L’Oliver”

    In fact, that could be his slogan: “Simply L’Oliver!”

    Another slogan: “Because he’s worth it!”

  5. produzentin

    dear kyky,
    don’t you like to be on the edge?
    p.s. how is life as a Dutch oven?

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