Family Day at Mom’s House

I’m big into politics when it involves new holidays. After the re-election of the Ontario government on Wednesday a new holiday was proclaimed, Family Day. Happening at the 3rd Monday in February.

The first Family Day was introduced in Alberta in the 1990’s:
“The holiday was proclaimed by Alberta Premier Don Getty, in response to a drug scandal involving his son, Dale Getty, who had been arrested for possession of cocaine and was revealed to have cocaine addiction. Premier Getty was obviously embarrassed by the revelation and admitted publicly that he had neglected his family, saying that it was also important for all Albertans to take more care with their families.” (sources 1, 2)

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  1. Kevin

    p.s. They should just call it Courtney Love Day: “The one day a year parents can stay home and follow their kids around to make sure they don’t do coke.” Yay now we can get high on Sunday night.

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