The Nuts Just Keep On Coming

That was such a fun night. Thanks to all who came to party.

Keith Cole did his amazing twirls to Burning Up. And then, we got a surprise visit by Britney performing her hit single Gimme More. Pictures of her floor rolling, Red Bull and Cheetos soaked gig after the jump. Or check out the video.
I only wish I had a picture of our lovely door lady Bojana.
Pictures by Oliver, Ruth and Malo.

with Bernd
with Bernd, straight from Paris

Keith, Shanda, Oliver

luis and christabel



one more of Hyacinth

one more of Cerise

with keith

maison malorama
produzentin loves malorama


with shiv setlur
with Shiv Setlur, cousin of Sabrina ‘Du Liebst Mich Nicht’ Setlur
I hope I can travel with him to Rödelheim for a Sabs meet and greet, soon





11 comments on “The Nuts Just Keep On Coming

  1. BritneyBitz

    Britney, I wanna be your Red Bull! All over…Dirty bitch. You all look amazing, as always!!!!! Cologne glows! Wish, I`d been there with you. By the way, there is something/one missing, Madame Messhausen!!!!

  2. Luis

    Damn, I’m wetting my panties just looking at all the hot-nuts debauchery. Keep it coming, baby!!

  3. Kevin

    I like how the retarded commenters on YouTube and Frank’s blog are all “that is NOT Britney!”

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  5. Mary Messhausen

    So sorry that I missed out on all the fun…I’m so happy that we finally get the Britney performance that we’ve been waiting for!

    That Cerise looks very mischievous..I hope nobody is missing their wallet!!
    And Miss Hyacinth?!? I’d go lezzie for you any day!!

  6. Doc Nancy

    i don’t think Cerise look mischievous at all, dear mary. she looks as if she earns more than enough money with her mariachi band. she looks great!

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