Orange Coke

Coke Orange

As you may have noticed, once in a while, I like to bring you news from the amazing world of fizzy drinks. So, one of the first things I discovered in London is Coca-Cola with Orange. The limited edition fizzy in the orange bottle just caught my attention. So yummy.

Now, I can’t wait for Fanta with caffeine in a brown bottle.
Somehow, I can’t stop thinking about Mezzo Mix. Anyhow, I’d rather have Coca Cola with Orange. It isn’t limited for no reason, right?

While I’m at it, I’m still wondering why Pepsi Cucumber was launched in Japan only. I think it would go perfectly with British Cucumber Sandwiches.

11 comments on “Orange Coke

  1. pandy

    “the other paper i have for you” – what does that even mean? kryptic penguin fishies
    secret proddie messages between the lines!

  2. nzingha

    Tagesschau posted something on fish ice cream yesterday. And was it schweinebraten ice cream? Was it? Still amazed by Frankfurt’s apfelwein sorbet.

  3. Doc Nancy

    i am not into sweet drinks. so, i definitely support toffi’s suggestion. what would be the straplines for these products?

  4. Kevin

    For real, that shit looks gross. The goldfish in the background aren’t exactly whetting my appetite either.

  5. Margot

    FIZZY DRINKS!!! I’ve become partial to the President’s Choice Diet Cola New Wave Edition on this side of the globe. You must try it upon your return.

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