Stella Cares

Stella Cares
Thank you Margot.

To battle the heatwave I spray my face with Toning Floral Water by Stella McCartney every 5 minutes. It’s one of the eight products from her skincare line Care. The Toning Floral Water contains green tea, linden blossom and cornflower extracts. The smell bewitches my nose, so lovely. To get an extra chilling sensation, I keep the spray in the freezer. My skin says: “Thank you” every time it gets another soothing hit.

“All products certified organic and ecological.”
I bet they contain no fur.

p.s. Now, I think that bag would go perfectly with the Toning Floral Water.

3 comments on “Stella Cares

  1. Margot

    Darling, I love that you love it! They want me to work for the Stella line now. I lost my toning spray in a drunken stupor….I think….xoxo

  2. kevin h

    wont that shit blow up if you leave it in the freezer? be careful with your new nose betch!

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