When Do We Get Zo-ger or Li-rse?

Hybrids caught my attention when I watched Napoleon Dynamite drawing a liger. The cross between a male lion and a female tiger is pretty much Napoleon’s favourite animal. Supposedly, they are the biggest cats in the world. I’m really intrigued by the whole wiki entry on ligers:

While male ligers are sterile, female ligers are fertile, and they can reproduce. Because only female ligers and tigons are fertile, a liger cannot reproduce with a tigon.
If a liger were to reproduce with a tiger, it would be called a ti-liger, and if it were to reproduce with a lion, it would be called a li-liger.

Call me liger
Napoleon’s drawing of a liger

Recently, I discovered the Zorse, you guessed it, a cross between a zebra stallion and a horse mare. An extremely hybrid Zorse called Eclyse lives at Safaripark Stukenbrock near Bielefeld, Germany.
Of course there is a video of Eclyse. Watch it, please.

Hi, I'm a Zorse
A Zorse named Eclyse
After the mother Eclipse and the father Ulysses

4 comments on “When Do We Get Zo-ger or Li-rse?

  1. krull

    hi, just because you mentioned napoleon dynamite … did you by chance see “blades of glory” – i find it quite funny.


  2. Kevin

    Awww, that cute Zebroid is sterile and has no boyfriend… Might as well be dead.

  3. produzentin

    I want to see blades, now!
    bb, please get some zebroid hair for me. want it. need it.

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