Fell in Love with a Lil’ Desk

This is a big confession: I gave away my old shabby desk without having a new one. Sometimes I even have to blog sitting on the floor. How desperate can it get? I’ve been looking for a tiny table for weeks to get me out of this predicament…

…finally, here is my cure: the Nelson Swag Leg Desk.

need it, want it
Blogging would never be the same

I already came up with some very creative ideas on how to collect money:

  • do a fundraiser
  • ask all you wonderful readers to donate one effin dollar (I would have the desk in no time, no?)
  • get over it, stop whining and dish out the dough

Wouldn’t the desk look good with my couch?
I feel like I can never blog again sans the swag desk.

7 comments on “Fell in Love with a Lil’ Desk

  1. Michel Noel

    Sorry , das muß leider alles so bleiben bis “ICH” komm. ich muß schließlich einen Eindruck bekommen was alles wrong läuft.
    Wenn dann so ein Designausreißer darumsteht macht es einen falschen Eindruck.
    Die ganze Arbeit ist dann für die Pussy.

    Also Angucken- ja anfassen-nein
    Die Dekomaus!

  2. produzentin Post author

    michel, bitte bring uns den Tikki look nach Toronto.
    betch, you’re always welcome.

  3. mi-nuh care


    Think of all the posing options such a desk offers.


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