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When Do We Get Zo-ger or Li-rse?

Hybrids caught my attention when I watched Napoleon Dynamite drawing a liger. The cross between a male lion and a female tiger is pretty much Napoleon’s favourite animal. Supposedly, they are the biggest cats in the world. I’m really intrigued by the whole wiki entry on ligers:

While male ligers are sterile, female ligers are fertile, and they can reproduce. Because only female ligers and tigons are fertile, a liger cannot reproduce with a tigon.
If a liger were to reproduce with a tiger, it would be called a ti-liger, and if it were to reproduce with a lion, it would be called a li-liger.

Call me liger
Napoleon’s drawing of a liger

Recently, I discovered the Zorse, you guessed it, a cross between a zebra stallion and a horse mare. An extremely hybrid Zorse called Eclyse lives at Safaripark Stukenbrock near Bielefeld, Germany.
Of course there is a video of Eclyse. Watch it, please.

Hi, I'm a Zorse
A Zorse named Eclyse
After the mother Eclipse and the father Ulysses

Owls on a Raft

Mary Messhausen and I needed some time off. So when our gingerheaded photographer friend Kyle offered to take us to his cottage right by the water, it sounded like the perfect opportunity to leave the busy city behind.

When we arrived at the cabin we found that run-down raft laying by the lakeside. In a heartbeat we hopped on the makeshift vessel. After the first excitement wound down and the fishing was done, we totally chilled out on the raft. So chilled out that we fell asleep.

After what must have been at least an hour we woke up and could barely see the coast. We felt like the biggest gaytards ever.

Watch the desperation unfold after the jump.

Photos by Kyle Tryhorn. Mary’s dress by JOFF.

Fishing is fun

Look what we got
Chasing rainbows

Owls on a Raft
Owls on a raft, before the nap

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July Hotnuts

It’s been awhile since the last Hotnuts… Here we go again, with some fierce action:
I’m really excited for this months line up. Shanda will make her grand debut as the hostess. Jamie Sin is joining me at the desks and we’ll be spinning some hot records. The ever so hungry Cave Womon is going to turn every veggie into a carnivore.

Saturday, July 28 – 10.30pm
$5 – Dress up and get in free

1192 Queen St. West


Bring Your Ass to Cologne

My friend Viola Klein is throwing a party in Cologne next Saturday, July 28. If there is one party you don’t want to miss in Cologne this year, this is the one.
Viola invited WhoDat from Detroit, Peter Abs and Tim Elzer to spin records.

I would love to be there, it sounds like wonderful night.
You might have heard about the party that started the Bring Your Ass theme.
Now, get ready because Saturday the 28th is Almost There.

Lämmerstr. 11

WhoDat in Cologne: Bring Your Ass

Keeping Summer Hot

This looks more like a link dump than charts. Please bare with me.

without makeup

  1. The Brand New Heavies – Let’s Do It Again (Kenny Dope O-Gutta Remix) – Dope Wax
    After the remixes for “I Don’t Know Why (I Love You)“, here’s another stomper.
  2. Grand High PriestMixdown – Strictly Rhythm
    One of the first new releases on the relaunched Strictly Rhythm label. This instrumental track is a thunderstorm of hand claps and cowbells. Another highlight on the sampler is Quentin Harris feat. Cordell McClary – U Don’t Know. Both songs are now available on separate records, too.
  3. Marcus Mixx – Without Makeup (Ron Hardy Mix)Let’s Pet Puppies
    More Chicago house. Just recently found this record of previously unreleased Ron Hardy mixes. The label caught my attention: Chicago without Makeup. Dark handclaps.
  4. Feist – My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Classic Remix) – EMI
  5. Roisin Murphy – Overpowered (Seamus Haji Remix) – EMI
  6. Simian Mobile Disco – I Believe (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) – Wichita
  7. CSS – Let’s Make Love and Listen To Death From Above (Hot Chip Remix) – WEA
    Very dramatic Hot Chip mix that turns around half way through.
  8. Tracey Thorn – Raise the Roof (Cagedbaby Remix) – EMI
  9. Osunlade – Queen’s Battle – Strictly Rhythm
    From the Osunlade album. “Get that shit off my face.”
  10. Justin Timberlake – Love Stoned (Justice Remix) – Jive
    I heard Final Fantasy did the strings on that one. No? Anyway, can’t wait for a live version by Owen.
  11. 2raumwohnung – Ja (Just Us Remix) – It Sounds
    The lyrics make me cringe but the La Koehncke mix makes it all good.
  12. Chin Chin – Appetite (Chicken Lips Extended Vocal Mix) – Dialect Recordings
  13. Snax – Honeymoon’s Over (Konrad Black Remix) – Fine Music
    Maybe I even like the original version better, not sure.
  14. DJ Camacho – Me (Original Demo Mix By D Camacho) feat. Janae Jordan – 157 Shelter Records
    “I’d like a man not a boy who thinks he can understand what it is to be with a woman like me.”
  15. Prince – Future Baby Mama – Columbia
    I like that Future Baby Mama. I bet you want to listen to the full song after you listened to that clip. Please.

Amazing Party Mamas

I recently discovered a new TV show. Party Mamas. I think it’s a great show on the Canadian Slice channel, which goes by the tag line: Slice is my Vice.
So, Party Mamas. I couldn’t do a better job with wrapping the show’s concept into one sentence:

“Party Mamas, follows out-of-control mothers as they plan over-the-top extravaganza parties for their children.”

Here are a just couple out of a myriad reasons why Party Mamas is so good:

  1. Everyone just likes to say Party Mama
  2. By saying Party Mama everybody envisions how he or she would be an out-of-control Party Mama
  3. The Party Mamas run into a fit with just simple things going wrong, for instance, the request for reserving a table at a restaurant was not met and all the tables are occupied by Fatso Mamas. Party Mama turns red and screams at the waiters without hesitation.
  4. The show is so scripted, you forget it’s a reality show
  5. At the end, the spoiled brats say something like “That was the best party I ever had. It was amazing”

I especially adore episode 7 where Party Mama Dena throws a Circus themed Bat Mitzvah party for her daughter Natalie.

Party Mama: I love to go to the spa, it’s important. I love to do my yoga in the morning. I am always late. I didn’t get the being-on-time gene.

My dress
Child: I decided that it was my life, my party, my Bat Mitzvah, and I wanted to buy the dress – so I bought the dress.

At the food tasting.
Child: This is disgusting.
Dad: This is the greatest beef in the world
Child: I thought that they should let me have what I wanted. I am a vegetarian and all my friends are. I want broccoli, asparagus, carrots
Party Mama: You can’t just have vegetables. Natalie is not in charge of what is served at the Bat Mitzvah, I am in charge.

Not her
Mir wern kei Schlangefrau uff de Party ham.

I am at my breaking point
Party Mama: We are not having a contortionist at this Bat Mitzvah party. It will not happen. They wear skimpy clothing and I was worrying certain parts could be exposed. I’m at my breaking point. I have to call my therapist now.

Watch episode 7 for the full Party Mama drama.

Muster für Fünf Hüte

Please come to the screening of Rushes for Five Hats by Oliver Husain.
Friday, July 13 in New York City.
Program starts at 7 pm, Five Hats at 8.30 pm.

Greene Naftali
508 West 26 St.

Five Hats
Zorica Vasic in Rushes for Five Hats

Cinematographer Iris Ng

Hair Brad Perry
Make Up Margot Keith
Costume Anthony Hill

PA Bojana Stancic
PAA Alex Wolfson
2nd AC Stuart Farndell
Stills produzentin
Music Matt Smith

Fell in Love with a Lil’ Desk

This is a big confession: I gave away my old shabby desk without having a new one. Sometimes I even have to blog sitting on the floor. How desperate can it get? I’ve been looking for a tiny table for weeks to get me out of this predicament…

…finally, here is my cure: the Nelson Swag Leg Desk.

need it, want it
Blogging would never be the same

I already came up with some very creative ideas on how to collect money:

  • do a fundraiser
  • ask all you wonderful readers to donate one effin dollar (I would have the desk in no time, no?)
  • get over it, stop whining and dish out the dough

Wouldn’t the desk look good with my couch?
I feel like I can never blog again sans the swag desk.

All Buzzed Up

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Cola

In anticipation of the upcoming Simpsons movie a couple of 7-Eleven stores in the US and one in Canada have been transformed into Kwik-E-Marts. The Canadian store is near Vancouver, in Coquitlam. Luckily, all the Simpsons products are available at most of the 7-11 stores.
So today, I went up the street and got myself a six-pack of Buzz Cola and the tasty Krusty O’s cereal. Now, all I have to do is create my own Simpsons character.

Buzz Cola Simpsons clip (in German)

New Bernhard

A Shaded View on Fashion has first pictures of the Bernhard Willhelm mens collection for spring / summer 2008 featuring French porn actor, Francois Sagat.
Achtung Auspuffaction.

Socks collection

I’m not sure if I’m ready for wearing a mattress around town, maybe tomorrow, when I have talked myself into it. Anyway, I’m looking forward to Bernhard’s women collection for this winter: It’s all about pot. Love #6.

In more BW news, the ModeMuseum in Antwerp has an exhibition on his works starting July 13, called Het Totaal Rappel.


BW Men Winter 2007/2008
BW Men Spring Summer 2006