Overpowered II

I’m kinda slow this Friday evening and Roisin Murphy is on a fashion roll. Just a few minutes after finding out about the single cover, here is the video to Overpowered (real, youtube). It seems Roisin is over V&R already, riding the 283 bus, doing her laundry and taking a piss in a lovely Gareth Pugh ensemble. I so want to be like her.

“Alien feelings we have to accept.” (via)

4 comments on “Overpowered II

  1. kevin h

    She looks amazing. I must have listened to this song a million times now. How infectious.

  2. Mary Messhausen

    My cognitive state is a total mess after the very first listen. love.

  3. Kevin

    What a great video. She’ll be all dressed and ready for church when she wakes up in the morning!

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