Cannes 60

The Cannes film festival opens today and I’m especially curious about two upcoming movies (can’t wait for the trailers):

My Blueberry Nights

The first English-language film by Wong Kar-Wai opens the show. It heavily features Nora Jones. I’m feeling very ambiguous about this. It could turn to be a horror flick, although very enjoyable I guess.
This NY Times article from the set has more background on the road movie.

Mister Lonely

The first feature by Harmony Korine since how many years?
I’m intrigued by the cast and one of the stills off the movie, showing Marylin Monroe and Michael Jackson talking a walk in Paris.

Diego Luna Michael Jackson
Samantha Morton Marilyn Monroe
Denis Lavant Charlie Chaplin
Werner Herzog Father Umbrillo
James Fox The Pope
Anita Pallenberg the Queen

Mr Lonely

Timeout article from the set
More at filmpressplus (go to materials)

4 comments on “Cannes 60

  1. Kevin

    I’m also torn about My Blueberry Nights. I love Wong Kar-Wai’s mid-90s films, but feel like his time has passed. I also hate hate hate Jude Law and Norah Jones – what hideous casting choices. It’s probably good he’s not working with Christopher Doyle anymore, his visual style is so cliched now. Maybe this will become an interesting, English-language phase in his career and then he will make a triumphant return to Hong Kong five years from now. Or maybe this will just be In the Mood For Love in English.

  2. oliver

    ““My Blueberry Nights” is in a sense about Ms. Jones’s face as it reacts to different environments.” – that’s fantastic. i want to make the same movie, only with miss margot instead of norah jones!

  3. Kevin

    OMG so My Blueberry Nights is getting panned. Some choice quotes from today’s Star:

    “It couldn’t even be described as an interesting failure. It’s just a berry bad movie.” (wah wah)

    “Jones is woefully out of her element playing a wandering waitress with a yen for blueberry pie … her painfully awkward acting brings to mind some of Madonna’s more egregious movie mistakes.”

    “The film is not about a journey; it’s distance.” (OK that one is a quote from Wong Kar-Wai at the press conference.)

    “…torture for viewers, who can only gape in wonder as Jones struggles with Wong’s wretched dialogue and unhinged narrative.”

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