Hotnuts T.O.

Pictures from Saturday’s Hotnuts (more after the jump). How I wish I was there.

Let me get you in the mood for the next hotness already. It looks like we will have an extra special lineup for Saturday, June 9. Birgit a.k.a. Bitz will be in town from Frankfurt, spinning the turntables with me.
Live performers are Karl Lagerfeld’s Ponytail, singing my personal favourite: La Lohan, and hopefully Gartina.





Tracy and Bojana


Patrick and Mary

Chris and Margot

Mary and Chris

Oliver and Mary (cabbing home)

5 comments on “Hotnuts T.O.

  1. dead cat

    we missed you, too! when will played dreamlover, we were screaming your name.

  2. produzentin Post author

    dream lover, come rescue me
    take me up, take me down
    take me anywhere you want to baby now

  3. Mary Messhausen

    can’t wait until you’re back dear prodi, i’m fixing you a sandwich for everyday that you’ve been gone….

  4. produzentin

    they better be cucumber sandwiches.
    and I desperatly need more CRISPS accompanied by a fizzy drink, dear.

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