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Daheim ist doch am schoensten

I am so happy to be back in T.O.

I had the most useless stopover in Montreal and even missed my connecting flight. Anyhow, this gave me more time to study the Guardian:

“This has given rise to much speculation about the role that her husband, Bill, would play in a Hillary administration. He would be not only the first male consort of a president of the United States but also the first one to have been president himself – and as such would enjoy the same right as his wife to be greeted by a band playing “Hail to the Chief!” as he enters a room.
He would also be entitled, as are all ex-presidents, to be addressed as “Mr President”, so the waiter bringing in the Clintons’ morning coffee would presumably say “Good morning, Mr President” as well as “Good morning, Madam President” as he puts down the tray. We could be in for an orgy of sycophancy.”

J’adore MMM

J’adore the video for the current men’s summer collection of Maison Martin Margiela. I’m feeling the subtle rent boy / Stricher vibe. I know it is a bit of a stretch – at certain points the imagery reminds me of Faustrecht der Freiheit. Maybe it’s the crotch shots.

Here is a direct link to the flash movie, though you should probably make the window size smaller.

I’ll threaten to post more pictures if you don’t watch it.

Love it

Love it

Love it

Love it (nuts)

Love it

They call him the Greta Garbo of fashion

Beard Papa, Fill Me Up

I went record shopping in Soho and bought yellow vinyl housed in a sealed sleeve with random die-cut lettering.

On my walk to the wreka stows I discovered my new favourite sweets: Cream Puffs by Beard Papa. I walked into the small shop on the corner of Oxford & Berwick St. and the two self printed sheets of paper above the counter did me in:

“Over 300 stores worldwide – First and only in Europe”
“World’s best cream puffs! – Choice of original vanilla OR flavour of the day”

So, I ordered a vanilla puff and it was pure heaven, the crispiness of the dough and the tasty cream filling, perfect. Mmmmh. Then, I thought, well, they only have one other flavour today, you should better try this one, too. “One green tea puff, please.” I guess I was drolling already. I took a bite, it was vanilla again. I adored the sales person: That nifty devil just wanted me at the counter one more time. And back I was for another puff.
Verdict: Beard Papa keeps me happy & obese.

Second round

I took the bendy bus to my apartment and went to the Beard Papa site right away. Make sure to watch the Beard Papa story, revealing everything about the owner, Beard Papa (you guessed it), hailing from Osaka.

Beard Papa!
Beard Papa did not let the towns people down.

One bite ain't enough
Beard Papa, fill me up. Please.

Issues: Soul Searching and Re-emerging

Lose Myself

Lauryn Hill has chosen the soundtrack to the animated movie about a penguin, Surf’s Up, to feature her first single in ages, Lose Myself.

The press release has more to say: “Apparently, she related to Big Z’s story – reaching the top, checking out for a while, doing some soul searching and re-emerging with joy – and wrote and recorded a real celebratory summer jam session for ‘Surf’s Up.'”
(via & listen)

Whatever. I’ve been listening to Lose Myself all weekend, I think it is brilliant. There have been rumors about Lauryn’s new album for a couple of years, with album titles like: Reconciliation, New Heavy, Call Me Ms. Hill or Khulami Phase. I’m sure she’ll come up with something new. The word on the street is that she would like to release the album next year, 10 years after The Miseducation.
That will almost push her into Kate Bush territory regarding the time taken between albums (if you don’t count Lauryn’s Unplugged set). Issues.

Lauryn as MM

Cannes 60

The Cannes film festival opens today and I’m especially curious about two upcoming movies (can’t wait for the trailers):

My Blueberry Nights

The first English-language film by Wong Kar-Wai opens the show. It heavily features Nora Jones. I’m feeling very ambiguous about this. It could turn to be a horror flick, although very enjoyable I guess.
This NY Times article from the set has more background on the road movie.

Mister Lonely

The first feature by Harmony Korine since how many years?
I’m intrigued by the cast and one of the stills off the movie, showing Marylin Monroe and Michael Jackson talking a walk in Paris.

Diego Luna Michael Jackson
Samantha Morton Marilyn Monroe
Denis Lavant Charlie Chaplin
Werner Herzog Father Umbrillo
James Fox The Pope
Anita Pallenberg the Queen

Mr Lonely

Timeout article from the set
More at filmpressplus (go to materials)

Hotnuts T.O.

Pictures from Saturday’s Hotnuts (more after the jump). How I wish I was there.

Let me get you in the mood for the next hotness already. It looks like we will have an extra special lineup for Saturday, June 9. Birgit a.k.a. Bitz will be in town from Frankfurt, spinning the turntables with me.
Live performers are Karl Lagerfeld’s Ponytail, singing my personal favourite: La Lohan, and hopefully Gartina.





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MMMM 7 inch

It seems like in the UK and London for that matter, the 7 inch single is still alive and kicking. When I went record shopping, a lot of the new releases where available as vinyl singles.
Lured by the cute cover I snatched up a copy of My Moon My Man by Feist which was released last week. I hadn’t heard the B-side, the Boys Noize Classic Remix of the song, which is also going to be featured on the Kitsuné Maison 4 compilation out in June. I was not disappointed as the vocoder vocals and hand claps add a welcome aggressiveness & messiness to the dance floor.
Stream the remix at Boys Noize myspace or hype.

After I sent the link to shimbulak, he told me that Will played it at Hotnuts and totally rocked the house. Right so.

The video has been making the rounds on the interwebs, so by now you probably have seen the amazing My Moon My Man clip, shot at Toronto Pearson airport:

MMMM: the moves
Shed some light on me, please

Nuts in May

It’s Hotnuts time again and Will and Brad are djing this month.
I’m a bit sad, cause I’m going to miss this one as I took a night flight to London on Sunday. What was I thinking? Please don’t ask. So, while I’m chilling with the Queen, y’all are going to be at the Beaver to Queen up Queen West! Miss you.

Saturday, May 12 – 10 pm
Beaver, 1192 Queen St. West

Saturday update: Will sent me the animation this morning. Wow, now I’m even more smad I’m out of town.

Animation by Kick Aoki

Spring Outside My Window

New season – new charts.

Let me start with my favourite album for spring:
Kathy Diamond – Miss Diamond to You – Permanent Vacation
I first heard about Kathy Diamond through Rich. I thought: Finally, this is a Maurice Fulton production I can enjoy. Too bad that her myspace has one song only. You can preview all songs at juno. For more on Kathy, read this Village Voice review.

  1. Simbad – Supersonic Revelation (Marathon Men Remix) / Soul Fever (Karizma’s K2 Stomp Mix) – Raw Fusion Records (check their jukebox)
    Double A side 12 inch deep house. Can’t decide which one is better.
  2. Aaron-Carl – Sky (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Vocal Mix)Superb
    Over the last year there have been a couple of remixes of this song. The recently released Osunlade mix is by far the best and deepest.
  3. DJ Spen & The MuthaFunkaz feat. Ann Nesby – It’s So Easy (MuthaFunkaz 12″ Vocal) – Code Red Recordings
    The former lead vocalist of the Sounds of Blackness belts it out on this one. The ‘4 The Love Mix’ is kind of a new turn on ‘4 The Love of House’ with spoken lyrics by DJ Spen.
  4. Beck – Cellphone’s Dead (Villalobos Entlebuch Rmx) – Interscope
    I’ve mumbled about this one before.
  5. Hercules and Love Affair – Athene – DFA
    Soon to be released hit on DFA.
  6. Justus Köhncke – Elan (Prins Thomas Versjon) – Kompakt
    Wonderful new version of the 2005 release featuring a live string section.
  7. Ruede Hagelstein – Yes, We’re Late – Freundinnen
    Includes the cut up Benjamin remix of Sweaty Balls.
  8. Jay-J feat. Charlene Moore – With Him (Ron Carroll’s BMC Black Gospel Feel Edit) – Defected
    Achtung: This is gospel house (who would have guessed).
  9. Hardsoul – My Life (Ron Carroll’s BMC 90’s Vocal Classical Mix) feat. Ron Carroll – Hardsoul
  10. Dajae & Bernard Badie – Tonight (Main Mix) – Tony Records
    The song is available for listening on Dajae’s myspace since last year, it got a short promotional release on traxsource earlier this year and I hope it’s available on vinyl soon.
  11. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Lil L.O.V.E. feat. Mariah Carey – Interscope
    While we wait for the new Mariah album we can enjoy this slow banger. I always love her collaborations with Bone Thugs, after Breakdown and the remix of Don’t Forget About Us, this is the third one.
  12. Nelly Furtado – Say It Right (Dummies Remix) – Geffen
    When people ask me if I really like Nelly, I tell them: I’m not living in Toronto’s Portuguese neighborhood for nothing, right? The house-with-a-bit-of-electro mix is easy to find. Google it. Please.
  13. Junior Boys – In The Morning (Hot Chip Remix) – Domino
  14. DJ Le Roi feat. Roland Clark – I Get Deep (Original Mix) – Deeptown Music

Last but not least, here are a few old school classics I recently bought at Easy Street Records:
Storm – Love…Sexy (Blaze Vocal)
Truce – It’s Alright (Cassmaster Mix & Cassio’s Fever Mix)

New Rave / New Sofa

I’m really sorry for the lack of updates this past week but I had to get settled at the new place and cram all my clothes into the tiny little closet. Anyhow, the boxes are unpacked, the new sofa was delivered.

To celebrate the UFOs landing, Mary Messhausen came over in the afternoon and we drowned a bottle of fruity red wine. Accccccciiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeed!

Pirates on the Sofa
Photo by Oliver (click to enlarge)