Caution – May Contain Nuts

Thanks to all the hotty and nutty people for coming to the Beaver on Saturday.
More pictures after the jump.

Renee-Nay performing. Her rap is HOT.

Wedding dress by Mary Messhausen
Her bridal line will be called: Mary Messhausen Forever.
Click the picture for the after the party shot.

Mary and Maria
Mary wears Mary Messhausen
Maria goes massively futuristic (I love her Little Pony)

Mysterious Lady and Christabel
with a lovely lady and Christabel

Zsa Zsa
Zsa Zsa

Jen, Graham and Dead Panda
Jen, Graham and Dead Panda

Miss M and Joff
Mary and Joff


with Kevin
with Kevin

Matt and Mary
Matt and Mary


with Rainblo
with Rainblo

Brad and Smiley Tommy Ton

Bobo and Renee
Bojana and Renee-Nay (photo by Kyle)

Mary and Karen
Mary and Karen (photo by Kyle)

Liz (photo by Kyle)


Doina and Dead Panda
Doina and Dead Panda

8 comments on “Caution – May Contain Nuts

  1. oliver

    i missed all of your outfits and details from behind the mask. say WOW AMAZING

  2. Bitz

    PJ Harvey changed her name to Liz and Jen is the cutest.
    The rest of you looks fantastic as usual! No naked people this time. And no Bernhard?! But maybe Messhausen Couture is the new Bernhard.

  3. Kevin

    I feel like Kevin Number One is fishing for a fight. It’s not going to happen again (although I’m sitting in front of a computer at work all day so I can be convinced). There is room for two as long as one of us is asleep at the same time the other one is awake… as these photos clearly show.

  4. kevin number one

    deal other kevin. or we can have peace here and bedlam on the bjork thread. i see you are taking the passive route this week. besides i hate fishing! ew!

  5. Lovely Lady

    That lovely lady outside the bathroom sure is lovely. When is the next party?

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