House Party

Finally, I am back in Toronto’s Portuguese neighborhood, which also happens to be Nelly Furtado’s home turf. The first couple of days went by in a whirlwind of parties. The highlight being the house party at Maison Messhausen with the lovely hosts Margot, Mary and Kyle.

In between the Jäger shots (I only had two, honestly) I spun a couple of records and of course I had to play Nelly F’s überhit, Say It Right. I am absolutely into this song. In case you have lived under a stone for a couple of weeks, take a listen here. If I’m talking about Nelly I can’t stop. For me, the best song on her album is Wait For You. It might be made for riding in your SUV, all the hand-claps and then when you think it’s over, the sub-bass is kicking in at 4 minutes into the song.

Kevin & Mary

Owen & Mary

Margot and me

Oliver and Maria

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  1. Bitz&Bobs

    Oh, hello to all of you cute little Polka Dots and BW scarfs. Miss Furtado`s neighborhood rocks. Her record is spinning in Beaverhausen without a pause! We`re hooked.

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