4 comments on “Hotnuts Europe

  1. Mary Messhausen

    FANTASTIC!! I’m so sorry that I missed it…you all look incredible.

    and Cageface? i love you.

  2. Bitz

    Hot as usual. You all look fantastic.
    But thanks for the last months. With a lot of fun, Hauptstadtfeeling, Warhol-Goethe and Bernhard-Alarm!!!We had a great time together in Beaverhausen!!!!
    See you soon in T.O.!!!!! At Hotnuts Canada!
    Bye Bye Prodi

  3. cageface

    Well,what can i say, i smirk as i blush slightly (color: sugarcoated cherryblossom by MAC).Thanks to flattering Mary Messhausen.

  4. produzentin Post author

    bitz, I miss you and beaverhausen already
    you have to come sooner than later
    I can’t wait.

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