At one of this years S parties in Frankfurt some first timers stepped into the tiny place and said: “Mmmh, das ist ja richtiges Hauptstadtfeeling.”
(they meant: Hauptstadt as in capital as in Berlin)
We are mocking the term ever since.

During my time in old Europe I feel the need to take it all in.
So, this weekend I made my trip to Berlin to get my Hauptstadtfeeling fix. I was very happy when ND took me to Berghain/Panoramabar Saturday night or better, early Sunday morning. We arrived at 3.30 am just in time for the gig of Toronto’s Ontario’s own Junior Boys. Loved their show.
After that, Jesse Rose (cute) did a dj set. I especially liked the first part during which he played Mr. White – The Sun Can’t Compare and mixed it into Romanthony – Let Me Show You Love (Quick Dub/Crooklyn Mix).
Although I had taken a short disco nap from 11 to 2, I left the club übertired at 8.30 am.
Hauptstadtfeeling pur.

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  1. h. aus f.

    ich hoffe, du hast ein handyvideo gedreht, das du dann an b. und s. aus a.’s wg teuer verkaufen kannst. bei denen habe ich das erstemal sowas wie club fandom gesehen. faszinierend die jungen leute…

  2. Kevin

    Junior Boys are all about early Chicago house. They lifted the arpeggio on ‘Like a Child’ directly from Frankie Knuckles’ ‘Your Love.’ (ps. They are from Hamilton – the city that also gave us Floria Sigismondi.)

  3. produzentin

    I thought Hamilton was close enough to Toronto. ;-) And Floria, wow. Why hasn’t anyone taken me to Hamilton, yet? Somebody, please!
    h. aus f.: Meine Bluse riecht noch nach der Nacht, vielleicht genügt das?

  4. Mary Messhausen

    I can see it now…produzentin at the Hamilton Steel Factory. It has to happen!

  5. Kevin

    There are only two Sigismondis in the phone book. Chances are “F. Sigismondi” is her. You should just call and set something up.

  6. produzentin Post author

    I have angst that she gives me a marilyn manson treatment. but maybe, we could work on the I’m-so-sick-on-this-foggy-ship-look that Floria did for Fiona:

    (I know that video is not too exciting, but anyway)

    Bitz: we should all move to Brückenstr./north of Schifferstr. at one point

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