Pirates of the Disco

Friday night I had the EXTREME pleasure to spin a couple of records for Justus Köhncke’s and Michael Hengsberg’s birthday bash in Cologne. Their party was held at Laila.

Click for lots of party pictures.
Almost all pics by Oliver.

Pirates of Laila

with J and M
Justus’ puppy, Justus, I, Michael

M and M
Michael (Hengsberg) & Michael (Superschum)

with J
with Justus

B and S
Bits and Sabs

with S
with Sarah (hot)

P and N
Nancy in total ho mode, stole Peter (hot) away from Sarah

M and T
Michael and Toffi, separated at birth
(So many Michael’s, I can’t keep them apart anymore)

K and O
Karl and Oliver

M, O, N
Michael, Oliver, Nancy

with M and M
with Manfred and malo malorama

with uhutrust
with michi uhutrust

8 comments on “Pirates of the Disco

  1. Nancy

    oh yes it was a great fun night! i just don’t know how to react, when i meet sarah the next time… i really couldn’t remember that there were some pix made…
    oliver: i start to love your thooth gap. it works great with your smile. maybe you should leave it like this. or insert a black one.

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  3. Mary Messhausen

    Okay, I’m officially on my way to Germany right now.

    1/ Darling Produzentin, you look fantastic and I miss you.
    2/ Oliver, I love the new look. I’m all about getting something removed now. Maybe a rib or two?
    3/ Nancy…truly inspirational.


  4. produzentin Post author

    oh yes, mary m, please come over HER. we miss you.
    right now, I’m lost in the German hinterland, stuffing myself with family sausages (my cousin is a butcher). it is such a treat.
    I added a picture of michi uhutrust. I forgot it the first time around.

  5. produzentin Post author

    I’m totally showing off my Toronto skills, which I learned from YOU, my darling. I love surgical adhesive! miss you. xoxo

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