Frankfurt Get Ready

It’s almost another three weeks until New Year’s Eve, but anyway. I figured, you all need to make some plans.

I am very excited to dj with Viola at S in Frankfurt.
This is definitely my only dj date in Frankfurt in 2006.

Come party with us. Can’t wait to see you all again!

Hey, ab geht die Post!

8 comments on “Frankfurt Get Ready

  1. brad

    i wish toronto to frankfurt equalled toronto to montreal … i could bring a whole car load of party people for the night … miss you already. have a great christmas.

  2. produzentin Post author

    yes, me too or the flights should be free!
    It would be so great to have you over here
    happy holidays.

  3. soul oozi

    Free flights! Free flights! Free flights! Detroit, Toronto, Cologne, Frankfurt .. why have different names for that one city?

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