December Hotnuts

Gartina came back to Hotnuts with an amazing performance. This time she upped herself with a live rendition of Tainted Love and one of her own songs, tentatively titled, Have you ever had sex with an android?
She is hilarious! I love this nut.

Click for more pictures.



J & O
Jeremy Scott and Oliver

Z & M
Zsa Zsa and Miss Margot

P & A
with Mary ‘Mummer‘ Messhausen



Witch It

P & J
Jaime and I after a fun night djing
(I wish I had a better pic of us)

P & B
Phons and Bojana

G & O & M
Gartina and Oliver, Miss Margot

G & A
Gartina and Mary

8 comments on “December Hotnuts

  1. Kevin

    Haha it looks like Zsa Zsa is switching on a lamp! I loved Margot’s outfit though, too bad she had to leave early (or too bad I arrived so late!).

  2. produzentin Post author

    pimpernelli, wo nimmst du nur immer deine ideen her?
    I also like it that Margot totally looks like a lamp on the pictures.

  3. Ruby

    Couldn’t you have made three pictures of Gartina’s legs, Love?
    Some mysterious glasses appear when she is touched by Mary.

  4. saundi arabia

    those pics of gartina are fuckin fabulousness 4 ever!!!! & she is also talented!! and apparently she is a bit of a raunch queen she confessed at Hot Nuts!

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