produzentin is Plugged In (aber sowas von)

Today is a good a day in more ways than one.
Here is one reason: produzentin can put one more article in her press clippings folder. I think I might need a PR assistant that lends me a hand with these meticulous tasks soon, like any minute now.

produzentin is featured in an article about bloggers in the current issue of the Canadian bi-weekly magazine xtra. Click on the image to enlarge:

So Plugged In

There IS justice in this world: My picture is bigger than bravehound’s.
The picture of Nancy and me at Niagara is also featured on xtra’s main page.
Full article also available online.
All hail to Kevin. Thanks so much.

2 comments on “produzentin is Plugged In (aber sowas von)

  1. Nancy

    today i woke up in a really bad mood, but now i am happy again! what a nice article. he even mentioned the erotic fruit styling! and of course: us together at niagara falls! :-) :-)

    cant wait to see you and akbar again


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