The Final Nail to the Coffin

I am devastated. This is the end.

As you know, I deserved to win at the Gay Bloggies.
The Best Canadian Blog award is mine. I was at the Rockies, Tim Hortons, the Niagara Falls. I’ve been to Dildo, Newfoundland. I even visited a Sugarshack. How much more Canadian can you be?

Why can the whole interweb vote, when it was already clear that is the winner? I hate democracy. I’m fuming!

Congratulations to the winner,, whose most recent post is about a VERY interesting Nokia headset. He is Borg. Don’t judge.

Thanks to all who voted for me.
This is the end. Basta.

I'm so glad...

...this is an electric oven!

27 comments on “The Final Nail to the Coffin

  1. Rick Perfume

    Hör mal, mach dich nit verrückt. Da bist du doch gar nicht drauf angewiesen, verstehst du was ich meine? Da stehst du doch sowas von drüber, mein liebes Schätzlein. Das ist doch gar keine Konkurrenz für dich, – läscherlisch!

  2. bojana

    bah, you know you’re better, whats the prize anyways maple syrup, i thought that grew in your backyard already.

    p.s. nice sylvia plath pose.

  3. Kevin

    Ohmygod I’m so excited to see a German finally reference Sabrina Setlur! I’m friends with her cousin here in Toronto and he has sheepishly mentioned to me that he has a relative that is (was?) famous only in Germany! Nice to see REAL contemporary German culture in ACTION.

  4. Nancy

    why didn’t you ask for her, earlier. of course, she IS famous in germany, and we all love her. she is from frankfurt, too, and is singing with a frankfurt street slang. not on purpose, but because she doesn’t know any better. and once she had an affair with boris becker and is called sabs, ever since. just like bobs.
    don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

  5. produzentin Post author

    thank you all so much. your love is appreciated in my darkest hour.
    mariah would say: there is always a rainbow at the end of every rain.

    regarding sabs setlur. my favourite german rhyme is by her producers, who released an album before sabs, where she is featured on. Anyway, the album opens with the classic lines:
    wir kommen aus rödelheim
    steck deinen dödel ein

  6. Margot

    I know you didn’t win the bloggies, but you won my heart with these amazing head in the oven shots! You’re always hot, but now you’re fresh out of the oven hot. WORK!!!

  7. Nancy

    @prodi: it is a bit spooky that you mention that rhyme, because whenever i sit in the train and next stop rödelheim is announced, this rhyme comes to my mind. i feel caught out…
    @peter: this rhyme is from rhp not from sabs. your argument doesnt work.
    @kevin: there is also a post about a great video of sabs at prodi. just search for “sabrina sabs baby”.

  8. Tilda

    Get your head out of the oven, now that your curls are straightened, my love, no one is ever gonna steal your thunder.

  9. Rick Perfume

    Aber bringt doch schön was ein, mit Selbstmord drohen. So hat man sich das mit 9 oder 11 immer vorgestellt. Ja, jetzt heulen alle! Bißchen spät.

  10. Kevin

    Yeah I second the motion that you should create your own online awards. It would certainly attract attention to your site, you can give away cool prizes AND you could easily ensure that you’d win!

    Also, could ‘dödel’ translate as ‘doodle’?

  11. produzentin Post author

    yes, I think ‘doodle’ is a good fit for dödel.
    Kevin, please introduce me to Sabs’ cousin soon, I want my picture taken with HIM. I bet he’s cute. Maybe he is into doodleling. Doodle awards.

  12. bravehound

    I’m not even Canadian. I’m a gay American nerd. How wrong is that? I shall gladly hand over my award of a free gay porn membership to you. Porn is the new currency.

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